Call intelligence. Available everywhere.

Most marketing technology platforms simply don’t speak "phone." But with Invoca, it’s incredibly easy to inject call intelligence into the rest of your technology ecosystem. Whether you're a business user or a web developer, we've got the tools you need.


Invoca has native, out of the box integrations with key technology platforms like Google Ads (AdWords), and Kenshoo. We help you get going without writing a line of code.


Invoca lets you use webhooks to trigger actions in other systems throughout the call lifecycle. If you want to trigger a custom action in your CRM system, Point of Sale system, your marketing automation platform, or just about anything else, you can set it up in minutes.


We’ve developed a completely robust and thoroughly documented set of modern API’s, so that you can take call intelligence to the next level. Extend our platform, or do advanced integration into any system you can think of. We’d love to see what you come up with!

Looking to integrate with your favorite marketing technology platform? We’ve got you covered.

Search and Bid Management

Get visibility into which keywords are driving phone calls by integrating with Google Ads (AdWords) or your favorite bid management platform.


Understand which campaigns are driving inbound calls that turn into sales opportunities, and give your sales reps insight into what’s said on every call.

Marketing Automation

Bridge the gap between digital and phone interactions by integrating call intelligence with your marketing automation platform.


Use call intelligence with your retargeting platform to target exactly the right customers and prospects.

Web Analytics

Push valuable call data into your web analytics platform to understand your customers online and offline path to conversion.


Effectively attribute all conversions whether they’re generated by clicks or calls.

Web Optimization

Optimize your web performance with insight into online and offline engagement.

Performance Marketing

Extend your affiliate marketing reach beyond digital conversions and add new revenue streams with pay-per-call.


Easily layer call intelligence on top of your telephony infrastructure.