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Complete your data-driven marketing optimization strategy to reduce wasted spend and drive more revenue from every ad dollar.
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Invoca Product - Media Optimization
Our biggest problem was that our phone calls were going into a data black hole. Invoca has given us complete visibility into the campaigns driving each call as well as what happens on those calls. It’s enabled us to get a higher return on our ad dollars and prove our full ROI.
Anand Rao, SVP of Digital Business
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Decrease CPA

Armed with true attribution, you can account for conversions that come from clicks and calls to accurately measure your acquisition costs, target the most effective keywords, and eliminate ineffective campaigns to reduce your CPA.
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Increase Conversion rates

By automating conversion data from customer conversations directly to ad platforms like Google Ads, you can accurately target high-value customers and the most effective campaigns, ads, and keywords to increase your conversion rates.
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Reduce Wasted Ad Spend

Target more cost-effective keywords and ad placements, and suppress retargeting to customers who converted on the phone to focus your efforts on the most effective campaigns and reduce wasted ad spend.
Invoca Product - Real-time integrations

Real-time integrations

Get conversion data from phone calls streamed to all of your ad platforms in real time to automatically optimize campaigns, keyword bidding, and build high-value lookalike audiences.

Granular attribution data

Get full attribution for every marketing-driven phone call and conversion. Invoca’s easy-to-deploy javascript tag makes it simple to start tracking calls and get the granular attribution you need to get credit for the sales you’re driving and insight into your most effective campaigns, keywords, and creative.
Invoca Product - Granular attribution data
Invoca Product - Personalize customer touchpoints

Personalize customer touchpoints

Invoca's data is available immediately after the call ends through searchable transcripts and real-time dashboards. This means you can capture trends and digital breakpoints quickly and use that conversational data to fix what’s broken, and personalize agent scripts, ad copy, website content, and more.