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Invoca helps automotive OEMs, dealership groups, service franchises, and parts retailers increase revenue by driving more phone leads that convert to sales and service appointments.
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Invoca Solution - For Automotive
Invoca has given us complete visibility into the campaigns driving each call as well as what happens on those calls. It’s enabled us to get a higher return on our ad dollars and prove our full ROI.
Anand Rao, SVP of Digital Business
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Drive More Phone Leads

Track how your channels, campaigns, ads, keywords, and websites drive phone leads for sales, service, and parts. Make smarter optimizations to increase revenue without increasing ad spend.
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Answer More Phone Leads

See where, when, and why missed calls occur and adjust staffing accordingly. Control and automate call routing so phone leads are answered right away by the right person to convert them.
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Convert More Phone Leads

View detailed scoring on how every agent and location staff handles and converts calls. Deliver targeted coaching to increase their call conversion rates and track post-coaching improvements.
Invoca Solution - AI-powered call tracking and analytics

AI-powered call tracking and analytics

For every call, Invoca tracks who the caller is and the marketing source and website activity that drove the call. AI analyzes the conversation to detect if the call was answered, if they are a lead for sales, service, or parts, and if they converted on the call. Get credit for conversions and revenue coming in over the phone. Defend your spend by proving the full impact of your marketing on business results.

Actionable call data, everywhere you need it

Activate call data in all your digital marketing platforms to optimize for what’s driving the most valuable calls. Segment callers into audiences based on their conversations to retarget unconverted phone leads and suppress non-lead and converted callers. Pass detailed data on callers into your CRM to capture every phone lead.
Invoca Solution - Actionable call data, everywhere you need it
Invoca Solution - Agent call scoring and coaching, supercharged with AI

Agent call scoring and coaching, supercharged with AI

AI analyzes 100% of calls to identify the specific agent or staff member and score their performance for your exact KPIs and talk tracks. Measure the impact of call handling tactics on conversions. Get alerted when agents mishandle calls. Save time and improve QA by seeing a list of the best calls to review. Coach staff in the right areas to improve results and measure post-coaching progress.

A searchable database of call recordings and transcripts

Run searches to see a list of every call where topics of interest are discussed. Review transcripts to learn what callers say, including their questions, preferences, concerns, and information they need to convert. Tap into the voice of your customers to learn ways to improve ad messaging, SEO, and email, social, and website content.
Invoca Solution - A searchable database of call recordings and transcripts
Invoca Solution - Central hub to manage and automate call routing

Central hub to manage and automate call routing

Have callers routed by interest, location, predicted value, or day/time to the best available agent, department, or location to assist them. Reduce missed calls by forwarding callers to a list of phone numbers sequentially or simultaneously until someone answers. Pass real-time data and insights on callers to agents to improve conversation outcomes.

Get notified when important events occur on calls

Get alerts when calls go unanswered or voicemail boxes at locations are full so you can take action. Notify managers about call handling issues at locations or contact centers, send timely coaching reminders to agents or location staff, and alert marketing teams when phone lead rates plummet so they can investigate immediately.
Invoca Solution - Get notified when important events occur on calls

The Premier AI-Driven Conversation Intelligence Solution for the Automotive Industry

Automotive Standards Council for GA4 - Supporting MemberForrester Wave Leader 2021 - Conversation IntelligenceG2 Leader, Enterprise, Fall 2023Opus Research Intelliview Leader 2022 - Conversational IntelligenceInvoca Earns Best Feature Set from Trust Radius