Drive revenue growth with a unified view of the buying journey

Connect your paid media investments directly to revenue, improve digital engagement, and deliver the best buyer experiences. Drive more sales with the leader in revenue execution.
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Invoca Named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Real-Time Revenue Execution Platforms Q2 2024 report
[Invoca’s] innovative platform delivers game-changing AI capabilities to revenue teams.
— The Forrester Wave™: Real-Time Revenue Execution Platforms, Q2 2024 report
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What is a Revenue Execution Platform?

Revenue execution platforms enable revenue teams to connect customer buying journey data across the marketing team that engages customers and the sales team in the contact center or business locations that close the deals.
By using a comprehensive, AI-powered revenue execution platform like Invoca, marketing, sales, digital, and CX teams can finally connect their investments directly to revenue, improve digital engagement, and drive higher-quality leads.

It also enables sales teams in the contact center or at distributed business locations to access information from the customer’s digital journey to provide the best call experience possible and close more deals.

Orchestrate the Full Buying Journey

Connect the buying journey from the first touch to the final sale. Track every digital media dollar and optimize ad spend to drive more revenue, not just more leads.

Optimize for Revenue Growth

Get the first-party data you need to optimize every touchpoint in the buying journey. Learn why leads are leaving your digital experience so you can convert them in the channel that maximizes revenue.

Convert More Calls to Customers

Enable your sales and contact center agents to convert more calls with agent support before, during, and after the call.

Optimize the complete buying journey from click, to call, to conversion


Get complete attribution for every conversion

Drive more high-quality leads, defend your budget, and reduce wasted ad spend with call tracking that gives you attribution for every conversion—whether they happen online or on the phone.

Get granular attribution down to the keyword to fully understand how your campaigns drive conversions. Advanced AI automatically measures intent, outcomes, and conversions to help you understand your best-performing media and stop wasting your budget on campaigns that don’t work.

Unlock insights from every conversation with AI

Crush your revenue goals and prove your performance with conversation analytics AI that’s incredibly easy for digital marketing, sales, and contact center teams to use.

Unlock hundreds of insights from every conversation and analyze thousands of calls at once with a mix of best-in-class AI. Do it all with the confidence of AI that’s backed by enterprise-grade data security, privacy, and compliance — no black boxes, no compromises.

Create personalized, seamless call experiences

Deliver unmatched call experiences with interaction management powered by real-time digital insights. Convert more callers into customers by showing agents why customers are calling with digital journey data in real-time screen pops for every call.

Intelligently route callers to the right agent or business location using digital intent data that reduces transfers and customer frustration.

Take automated action on call data in every platform

Invoca’s integrations provide even more value from the marketing, sales, and contact center platforms you already use. Take action on call data quickly with over a dozen no-code integrations for the most popular platforms.
Invoca Named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Real-Time Revenue Execution Platforms Q2 2024 report
[Invoca’s] success starts with a vision focused on enabling revenue teams to drive growth by delivering the most complete platform for optimizing the entire buying experience.
— The Forrester Wave™: Real-Time Revenue Execution Platforms, Q2 2024 report
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Revenue execution for marketers

Revenue Execution for Marketers - Connect Marketing Investments to Revenue Outcomes

Connect marketing investments to revenue outcomes

Understand lead value

Class-leading AI evaluates each caller’s sales intent in real time, helping you understand which tactics and campaigns are driving quality leads and conversions, and which ones aren’t.

Measure campaign & channel contribution

Get complete and accurate campaign attribution—down to the keyword level—so you can double down on what’s working and cut waste from underperforming programs.

Prove revenue impact

Get credit for every offline conversion your marketing drives and measure the true ROI of marketing investments.

Revenue execution for contact centers

Drive more sales, more efficiently

Prioritize high-value callers

Use your buyers' digital intent data to route high-value leads to priority call queues to provide an efficient experience that boosts conversion rates.

Personalize conversations

Give contact center agents context about the digital journey that drove the call to provide fast, personalized experiences that delight callers and make them want to buy from you.

Improve sales agent performance

Automatically QA 100% of your sales calls to discover coaching opportunities that help agents convert more callers, drive up order values, and maintain compliance.
Revenue Execution for Contact Centers - Drive More Sales, More Efficiently

Revenue execution for multi-location businesses

Revenue Execution for Multi-Location Business - Unify Marketing and Sales Across Every Location

Unify marketing and sales Across Every Location

Track conversion revenue

Track conversion data across every business location to get a unified view of performance, find opportunities for improvement, and reward high-performing locations.

Boost conversion rates

Automatically QA 100% of inbound calls to locations to detect call outcomes, identify the staff member handling each call, and score their performance. Save time by having Invoca identify moments in calls to review to guide your coaching.

Improve call handling

Easily configure call routing rules and IVRs in minutes. Have callers routed by intent, location, or time to the best available location or agent to convert them. Reduce missed sales calls by routing calls to a list of numbers sequentially, simultaneously, or via round-robin until someone answers.