Invoca for Healthcare Organizations

Over 80% of patients book appointments over the phone. It’s why healthcare marketers use Invoca call tracking and conversation intelligence to attribute, route, and analyze inbound calls and conversations for insights to attract and convert more new patients and improve the patient experience.
Invoca Solution - Healthcare
Invoca is a very powerful tool that can be the linchpin for your entire data structure and digital strategy.
Nataly Huff, VP of Marketing
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Optimize Marketing to Acquire Patients

Attribute each phone call from the marketing source to scheduled appointments that happen at every facility so you can optimize your marketing, reduce your CPA, and increase your ROI for every marketing dollar you spend.
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Convert More Callers into New Patients

Seamlessly route calls to the best agent, facility, or care provider right away to reduce transfers, decrease hold times, and convert more calls into appointments and new patients.
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Provide Superior Patient Experiences

Automatically analyze and score calls for handling quality and compliance for 100% of your calls to better train your agents and provide superior patient care for every caller.
Invoca Solution - Industry-leading call tracking

Industry-leading call tracking

Invoca call tracking captures the caller’s information and the marketing channel, ad, keyword search term, website interaction, and other sources that drive each call. Make automated, in-the-moment optimizations to your campaigns to reduce wasted spend and ensure that every last cent of your media budget delivers measurable results for all of your providers and care facilities.

Efficient dynamic call routing

Invoca makes it simple for multi-location healthcare networks, hospitals, and senior care facilities to route calls to the right location every time. Dynamic routing enables you to automatically detect the location, type of care needed, and more to route calls to the appropriate agent or the correct location immediately, without the caller needing to use keypress options. Dynamic routing can even be set up to use more than one factor, like product interest and location, to route the caller to the right provider for the best possible experience.
Invoca Solution - Efficient dynamic call routing
Unanswered Call Recovery

Unanswered Call Recovery

Sometimes vital patient calls go unanswered. Invoca allows you to identify and track inbound patient calls that are unanswered, sent to voicemail or result in a hang up. With this data, you can recapture those conversations and re-engage callers to schedule the appointments they need and create overall more positive experiences.

Simple IVR setup

Easily build your own custom IVRs to allow inbound callers to select how they should be routed. Healthcare providers with multiple locations can automatically route calls to the best store and include a different customized caller experience for each location. And when your customer’s needs change, you add locations or services or change hours, you can easily make changes to the IVR yourself.
Invoca Solution - Simple IVR setup
Invoca Solution - Automated call scoring and QA

Automated call scoring and quality assurance

Call compliance is critical in the healthcare industry and spot-checking calls can leave you vulnerable to liability. With Invoca you can harness the power of AI to automatically analyze 100% of your calls for compliance at each location and quickly identify interactions that need review and agents that need coaching. You can monitor how every provider and location is performing, and quickly dive into specific calls for review without waiting because call recordings, transcripts, and call scores are available immediately after calls end.

HIPAA compliant conversation intelligence

While most call tracking and conversation intelligence platforms are HIPAA compliant, some achieve that with some caveats. Namely, they require that you turn off features like phrase spotting, call recording, and AI-powered speech analytics, which enable you to automatically analyze and classify calls.

Invoca’s conversation intelligence platform provides HIPAA, GDPR, and CCPA compliance without the compromises. Invoca can record and transcribe inbound calls in a secure and privacy-friendly way to enable marketers to uncover new sources of customer data and insight. With improved visibility into these important customer interactions, healthcare marketers can drive cost savings from their media spend, deliver improved customer experiences, while ensuring compliance on 100% of their calls.


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