Record and transcribe every call for deep insights

Get a searchable database of every call recording and transcript for deep insights into your customers, call handling, and more.
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Invoca Call Recordings & Transcriptions
Invoca’s call recordings and transcriptions are invaluable coaching tools. Insights from Invoca have helped guide a great deal of our training. They’ve also helped us close the customer feedback loop so we can understand how our customers think, what matters to them, and their sentiments.
Anand Rao, SVP of Digital Business
Record and Transcribe Every Call to the Cloud, No Matter Where It Goes

Tap into a goldmine of insights with best-in-class transcripts

Get a searchable database of every call transcribed by generative AI with best-in-class accuracy. Review transcripts for unique insights into your customers, products, competitors, call experiences, and more.

Record and transcribe every call to the cloud, no matter where it goes

Invoca works seamlessly with your existing telephony providers so you can securely record and transcribe 100% of your inbound calls to your contact centers, locations, BPOs, or agent mobile phones. Invoca begins recording as soon as the call connects — and stays on the call no matter where it’s transferred to — to capture the complete caller experience, every time.
Capture the Entire Call Experience
Quickly Find What You’re Looking For

Quickly find what you’re looking for

Whether you’re looking to review a specific call or trying to isolate calls that meet specific criteria, global transcript search and report filters make it easy to find exactly what you need with only a few clicks.

Automated redaction of sensitive caller information

Invoca’s proprietary algorithms automatically remove sensitive caller information — like credit card data and social security number — from recordings and transcripts, helping you minimize risk and maintain PCI DSS compliance.
Automated Redaction of Sensitive Caller Information