Conversation Analytics to Discover More 1st-Party Customer Data

Get an unprecedented view into your customer interactions using first-of-its-kind machine learning.
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Invoca Product- Signal Discovery

Follow the map to higher conversions and better interactions

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Your Conversations, Visualized

Understand the macro and micro trends in your customer conversations so that you can uncover customer behavior, motivations, and outcomes.
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Know the Unknown

Not only will you validate what’s known, you’ll uncover what’s unknown in every conversation to troubleshoot, optimize and improve every interaction and buyer journey.
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Power Your Performance

Your Signal Discovery insights and marketing data are a blueprint to optimize marketing efforts, coach sales agents, and improve your customer experience.
Invoca Product- Automated conversation analysis

Automated conversation analysis

Eliminate expensive and time-consuming call listening and use AI to automatically analyze and categorize thousands of calls into similar topics.

Dive deeper with call recordings and granular data

Drill down into topics and listen to sample call recordings, see most common spoken words, and view a wealth of marketing data so that you can dive into your customer conversations and the resulting actions.
Invoca Product- Call recording and granular data
Invoca Product- Turn insight into action

Turn insight into action

Create Signals from any discovered topic with just a few clicks to automatically detect and track conversational outcomes and trends in your new inbound calls.