Capture and Re-Engage Missed Sales Calls

Identify your highest intent missed sales calls and then re-engage callers for higher conversion rates.
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We began to see immediate benefits from Invoca’s Lost Sales Recovery because we have visibility into unanswered sales calls across every location as soon as they occur. From there, our franchisees and their teams are empowered to make callbacks immediately or in the future to increase their booked appointment rate.
Kate Gardiner, Director of Regional & Local Marketing
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See Your Unanswered Call Rate

Having visibility into unanswered calls uncovers hidden issues like understaffing, ineffective or malfunctioning IVRs, or a phone system that’s dropping calls. Once you know why calls aren’t being answered you can address the issues and reduce the volume of unanswered calls.
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Recover Lost Sales Opportunities

Even the most skilled sales teams miss calls sometimes. On average, 25% of calls are never answered by an agent according to our customer platform data. Lost Sales Recovery delivers deep insights so that you can appropriately respond to the lost sales calls that matter most.
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Increase Your Answered Call Rate

Incremental increases in answered calls can have an extraordinary impact on your bottom line. Through dashboards, user-friendly reports, and smart alerts you can easily track your answered call rate in real time and over time across one or multiple locations.

Track your unanswered calls

Lost Sales Recovery is powered by Signals that detect voice energy to uncover whether or not the calls were answered by an agent, if the call was sent to voicemail, or if a voicemail was left. These Signals are over 90% accurate right out of the gate.

Smart re-engagement

An inbox full of generic “missed sales call” alerts isn’t particularly helpful. Invoca’s solution includes real-time dashboards and reports that give you the ability to prioritize your missed sales calls by combining your Lost Sales Recovery Signal data with other critical data like digital intent and sales call quality so you can isolate and re-engage your highest intent callers.

Immediate data activation

Your unanswered call data can be activated in real time with cloud-based contact center solutions like Five9. This allows immediate re-engagement with highest value unanswered sales calls to increase your conversion rate when the caller interest is highest. All businesses can benefit from this immediate data activation, including those with more than one location, like franchises, dealers, or branches. This metric can be used to incentivize high-performing locations, or to make the case for staffing up or training at lower-performing locations.

Smart alerts for missed calls

AI-powered smart alerts notify you when calls go unanswered by your contact centers, locations, and remote agents. Alert managers when there is a spike in missed calls so they can correct issues costing you customers or patients.
Invoca - Smart alerts for missed calls