AI-Powered Call Tracking Software for True Attribution

You’re a data-driven marketer. When a customer picks up the phone, you can’t afford to let the attribution trail go cold.
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AI-Powered Call Tracking Software for True Attribution
Invoca has given us complete visibility into the campaigns driving each call as well as what happens on those calls. It’s enabled us to get a higher return on our ad dollars and prove our full ROI.
Anand Rao, SVP of Digital Business
What Are the Benefits of Call Tracking and Analytics?

What Are the Benefits of Call Tracking and Analytics?

With Invoca call tracking, marketers can:

  • Attribute phone calls to the campaigns that drive them
  • Optimize media spend and reduce wasted ad dollars
  • Understand each lead’s journey before the call
  • Integrate phone call data with existing workflows and reporting

Track Calls to Optimize Marketing Performance

When you know what’s driving calls, you have the insights to measure marketing performance and make powerful optimizations across all marketing channels. 

With Invoca, you can tie each call to the marketing touchpoint that drove it including:

  • Campaign and keyword
  • Web page
  • Channel
Track Calls to Optimize Marketing Performance
Capture Analytics from Callers at Scale

Capture Analytics from Callers at Scale

Marketers need to know more than if a campaign drove a call. That doesn’t tell the whole story — for example, what if you’re wasting your budget driving non-sales related calls? That’s why Invoca’s AI measures the quality of the calls you’re driving — not just the quantity.

Activate Invoca Call Tracking and Analytics Data in Your MarTech Tools

Invoca’s real-time integrations enable you to activate conversion data from phone calls in virtually any ad platform. Automatically optimize your campaigns and keyword bidding to decrease your CPA, increase conversion rates, and drive more revenue — all while reducing manual processes and data exports.

Activate Invoca Call Tracking and Analytics Data in Your Martech Tools

What Is Call Tracking?

Call tracking software allows marketing and sales teams to attribute offline phone call conversions to the marketing source that drove them. It works whether the lead calls right from the ad or content — such as with Google Ads call extensions or direct mail pieces — or visited your website first before calling. Without call tracking systems, it’s impossible to prove the ROI of your marketing efforts that drive sales calls because your data trail goes cold when potential customers leave the digital experience and pick up the phone.

How Does Call Tracking Work?

Invoca’s call tracking platform enables marketers to tie customers’ digital journeys to phone calls using online data collection via unique, trackable phone numbers. Invoca’s call tracking and analytics are made possible through Invoca’s proprietary website tag. The tag is a snippet of easy-to-deploy JavaScript code (no development work required!) placed on your website that automatically replaces standard, static phone numbers with trackable, dynamic phone numbers that are unique to each site visitor. These dynamic numbers act as a unique identifier for an individual’s website session.

Rogers Communications Boosts Paid Search ROAS with the Invoca Call Tracking Platform

Rogers Communications, the largest telco in Canada, didn’t have visibility into the phone call conversions they were driving from paid search. With Invoca call tracking, they got full attribution for call conversions and achieved these results:
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two-year decrease in cost-per-acquisition from Google paid search


lift in net revenue from paid search campaigns


increase in volume of qualified leads

Getting Started with Call Tracking Is Easier Than You Think

You’ll have the right team, plan, and strategy to succeed with Invoca’s best-in-class customer onboarding.
See results quickly

See results quickly

A dedicated Invoca onboarding team will get your call tracking software set up within days so that you are realizing value in a few short weeks.
Customized success plans

Customized success plans

Your Invoca implementation plan is created for your business so that you can meet and exceed your goals.
Going beyond onboarding

Going beyond onboarding

Onboarding is just the start. You'll receive a dedicated account manager who will help you accomplish your goals and achieve long-term success.