Intelligently route calls to deliver higher revenue

Get higher performing call center agents, happier customers, and higher conversion rates with seamless, automated call routing.
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Call routing really eliminated that guessing game and allowed us to see who's calling.
David Salcido, Director of Digital Marketing
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Route Seamlessly, Track Completely

When the buyer journey moves from digital to phone call, Invoca’s routing connects the caller to the right place every time, even across multiple call centers or local branches.
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Boost Agent Productivity

By automatically routing support calls to customer service, your sales agents only receive revenue-generating, high-intent calls so they can do what they do best: close more deals.
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Increase Customer Satisfaction

Intent-based call routing gets customers to the right agent, right away. This results in shorter hold times, fewer transfers, and more satisfied customers.

Personalize every conversation

Enable agents to tailor each conversation with real-time screen pops that reveal caller intent based on calling webpage, pre-call search keywords, and more. You can even enable a prompt that only the agent can hear with additional information like campaign or product name.

Customizable IVR

Create a pre-recorded message to your customers to route your phone calls to the most appropriate sales or customer support call centers. Businesses with multiple locations can automatically route calls to the best store and include a different customized caller experience for each location.

Dynamic call routing

Automatically detect location, line of business, customer type, product interest, and more to route calls to the appropriate agent or the correct location immediately, without the caller needing to use keypress options. Dynamic routing can even be set up to use more than one factor, like product interest and location, to route the caller to the right person for the best possible experience.