Invoca Solutions - Sales
for contact centers

Close more of your inbound leads

Tailor your conversations, improve close rates, and make the most out of every sales opportunity.
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Invoca Solutions - For Sales

Gain complete visibility

Automate your QA to get a complete and objective view into each agent’s call handling performance, track compliance, and understand the buying journey from click, to call, to conversion.
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Make every agent more effective

Automatically identify coaching moments and improve agent performance through targeted coaching.
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Invoca Solution - Understand your consumers

Reduce hold times and transfers out of your sales department

Improve the experience for your high-value buyers — and drive profitability — by using digital intent data to dynamically route calls in real time.
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Re-engage unanswered sales calls

Identify your high-intent missed sales calls and then re-engage them for higher conversion rates.
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Invoca Solution - Re-engage unanswered sales calls
Invoca Solutions - Personalize every conversation

Personalize every conversation

Enable agents to tailor each conversation with real-time screen pops that reveal caller intent based on calling webpage, pre-call search keywords, and more.