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Boost conversion rates, customer satisfaction, and operational efficiency with Invoca's contact center platform.
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Invoca Solutions - For Sales
Invoca has become a critical part of our tech stack. It's given us full visibility into the call channel and significantly reduced our cost per acquisition.
Mark Loomis, Director of Marketing

Empower agents before they say “hello”

Reduce handle times and boost CSAT with convenient agent screen pops that show key data from your callers’ real-time digital journeys.
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Invoca Solutions - Reduce handle times and boost CSAT with convenient agent screen pops that show key data from your callers’ real-time digital journeys.

Efficient and accurate call QA

Stop wasting time manually listening to and scoring calls. Add Invoca's AI-powered automation to your call review process to get a complete and objective view of each agent’s call-handling performance.
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Enhance agent performance

With automated QA, the Invoca contact center platform’s AI identifies potential coaching moments in every call with scorecards tuned to your business objectives. Use this data to improve agent performance through targeted, unbiased coaching.
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Invoca Solution - Understand your consumers

Reduce hold times and transfers

Automatically route calls to the appropriate department, location, or agent with our contact center platform to improve the experience for every customer and lower your AHT. Using real-time digital intent data, you can ensure that high-value customers connect with the right sales agent, right away and prevent support calls from clogging the queue.
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Get immediate alerts when issues arise

Get notified when there is a sharp rise in unanswered or unconverted calls so you can fix issues costing you revenue. Our contact center software alerts managers when key metrics spike or when an agent needs immediate coaching. Send agents coaching reminders when they fail to follow talk tracks or use the wrong terminology.
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Invoca Solution - Get alerted when issues and important events occur on calls
Re-engage unanswered sales calls

Re-engage unanswered sales calls

Identify missed sales calls with high purchase intent using our contact center program and re-engage them for higher conversion rates.
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Start optimizing your contact center system with Invoca

Supercharge your contact center operations with Invoca’s powerful conversation analytics and interaction management technology. Tap into AI-driven insights to enhance agent performance, streamline call processes, and elevate customer satisfaction.

Invoca's customer experience platform for call centers provides tools for real-time decision-making, reducing handle times, and improving resolution rates. Start with Invoca today to transform your contact center into a dynamic, efficient, and customer-focused hub, ensuring every interaction adds value and drives better business outcomes.

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