15 Smart Alerts for Phone Leads to Improve Digital Marketing and Call Conversion Rates

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15 Smart Alerts for Phone Leads to Improve Digital Marketing and Call Conversion Rates

When leads call your business, those conversations are the most important interaction in the customer journey. Not only does that call – and the experience you provide the caller – determine if they will book an appointment or place an order, it is also the richest source of insights businesses have on consumers.  

It’s why brands that rely on phone calls to acquire customers or patients use Invoca to analyze and optimize conversations. Invoca’s conversation intelligence platform captures real-time data on callers you can use to improve call experiences and outcomes at your contact centers and business locations. It also uses AI to analyze the entire call, capturing actionable insights on the call experience, the caller, the agent or location staff that handled the call, and the marketing source that drove it. 

One of the many ways Invoca provides businesses to take advantage of this data are smart alerts. Smart alerts proactively notify you when moments you care about occur on calls so you can take the right action. This blog explains how Invoca smart alerts work and provides suggestions for how to use them to improve your digital marketing results and call conversion rates at your contact centers and locations.

Sample Invoca smart alert

Get Notified When Important Moments Occur on Calls with Invoca Smart Alerts 

Are there things that happen on phone calls to your business that you wish you knew about immediately? Invoca smart alerts can help. Smart alerts notify you (or other stakeholders at your business) when moments you care about occur on calls. Each alert includes a link to Invoca to view the recording and transcript of flagged calls so you can investigate further and quickly determine the best next step.

Smart alerts are powered by Invoca’s patented Signal AI technology, so they can notify you about virtually anything occurring on calls. They are also easy to set up in the Invoca UI – you simply decide what topic or metric you want an alert for, who gets it, when, and how often. Everything is completely configurable, so you can control:

  • Alert Topics: Get alerts for any signal in your Invoca account (we’ll go over examples in the next section). Choose if you want alerts when that signal occurs or doesn’t occur on calls. For example, if you have a signal that detects if a caller booked an appointment, you can decide if you want alerts for calls with a booking or calls without one.
  • Alert Filters: Use other Invoca data as a filter for your alerts. For example, you might only want alerts for calls from a particular marketing campaign or to a particular agent or location.
  • Alert Frequency: Choose if you want an alert every time the signal is (or isn’t) detected on a call or only when it occurs on a specific percentage or number of calls within a certain window of time. 
  • Alert Timing: Select the times of day you want the alert to be active. For example, you might only want an alert during business hours or for a specific shift you are working. You can pause, resume, or delete alerts at any time, so it’s easy to have alerts that are always running or only active for a short time.
  • Alert Recipients: Have alerts sent to any email address, including non-Invoca users.
Easily configure and manage smart alerts in Invoca 

15 Smart Alert Examples for Digital Marketing, Contact Centers, and Multi-Location Businesses 

Looking for ways to get started with smart alerts? Try these suggestions for how to use alerts to help improve digital marketing ROI and phone call conversion rates.

Smart alert examples for digital marketing

  1. Phone Lead Quality Alerts: Set up alerts to notify you when there is a spike or dip in phone lead quality from the channels you manage. For example, Invoca can tell you when a high percentage of callers from Google Ads – say 90% in any 30-minute period – aren’t quality leads. You can then pause or adjust your campaigns to prevent wasting more money on the wrong types of callers.
  2. E-commerce and Website Issue Alerts: Get alerted when consumers on your website call with problems placing orders or scheduling appointments online so you can fix site experience issues costing you digital conversions.
  3. Consumer Complaint Alerts: Have Invoca notify you when there is a rise in calls with consumers complaining about your products, services, pricing, and other topics so you can investigate and respond accordingly. 
  4. Competitor Alerts: Get alerts when callers discuss specific competitors or when there is a spike in competitor mentions so you can review the conversations and make the right adjustments to your campaigns, messaging, search keywords, promotions, and other areas.

Smart alert examples for contact centers and business locations

  1. Missed Call Alerts: Have Invoca alert the right stakeholders when there is a rise in callers who hang up or go to voicemail at your contact center or locations, so you can correct CX issues costing you conversions. 
  2. Voicemail Full Alerts: It’s bad enough when calls go to voicemail, but much worse when that mailbox is full and the caller can’t leave a message. Get alerts when the “voicemail box is full” message occurs on calls to take immediate action. 
  3. Short Call Alerts: Receive notifications when there is a sharp rise in calls lasting only a few seconds, which could indicate a routing error that is accidentally sending phone leads to unmanned lines. 
  4. Unconverted Phone Lead Alerts: Get alerted when a high percentage of phone leads fail to convert so you can diagnose the issue and deliver timely coaching to agents to prevent further business loss. 
  5. Call Experience Alerts: Have Invoca notify you when CX issues occur on calls. For example, Invoca can alert you when there is a spike in calls where the caller demands to speak to a manager or expresses frustration or anger. 
  6. Manager Alerts: Alert managers when agents or location staff fail to follow talk tracks (such as provide a proper greeting, qualify callers correctly, or ask leads if they want to book an appointment or place an order) so you can send a timely reminder and stop issues from continuing. 
  7. Agent Reminder Alerts: Have Invoca send reminders directly to agents or location staff when they stray from your scripts or repeat mistakes on calls so they can course correct. These automated prompts help reinforce coaching and curb negative behavior. 
  8. Agent Praise Alerts:  Alerts don’t always have to be about correcting issues. You can also send alerts to agents or location staff when positive events or changes occur, such as when call conversion rates increase or an agent shows the right post-coaching improvements.
  9. Wrong Terminology Alerts: Have Invoca notify you when agents use the wrong words on calls (such as the use of old terminology or inappropriate language) so you correct the behavior.
  10. Compliance Alerts: Get notified immediately when compliance issues occur on calls so you can alert the agents and prevent future occurrences. 
  11. Gamification Alerts: Use alerts as a fun way to motivate your team to improve. For example, contact center or location managers can promise a team lunch if all agents hit specific KPIs over a certain period of time (such as overcoming caller objections on 90% of calls over a two-hour period). When they hit the mark, the alert message can go to the whole team simultaneously to kick off the celebration. 

Get Started Using Invoca Smart Alerts

Great news for Invoca customers: you can create your own smart alerts in your Invoca platform today. If you are looking for more ways that alerts can help you improve performance and KPIs, reach out to your Invoca customer success manager. If you aren’t using Invoca today, you can request a personal demo of the platform. We will schedule a meeting to discuss your strategies and goals, explain how Invoca can help, and show you the amazing data and insights Invoca captures and how you can use it to drive unbelievable improvements in your digital marketing ROI and call conversion rates.

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