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AI-powered conversation intelligence software enables revenue-generating teams in marketing, sales, eCommerce and customer experience to create better buying experiences, drive more leads, and close more deals.
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Invoca Product - Conversation Intelligence

What Is Conversation Intelligence?

Conversation intelligence platforms use artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze speech in order to derive data-driven insights from conversations between the call center and customers.

It enables teams that normally don't have insight into all of their customer conversations, such as marketing and contact center teams, to access rich first-party data about their customers to optimize marketing, improve digital conversion rates, automate contact center QA, enable agent coaching, and deliver exceptional customer experiences based on the exact needs of the customer.

Take Action on Conversation Data

The end game with conversation intelligence tools is taking action on the data created from analyzing customer conversations.

The conversation data from Invoca is streamed in real time between other technology platforms like CRMs, ad platforms, data analytics and attribution solutions, and digital experience platforms in order to take action on the data at the time of the call.

How Conversation Intelligence Software Works

Conversation Intelligence tools use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms (ML) to analyze and derive insights from conversations with customers. A conversation intelligence platform extracts usable data from human speech and conversation using natural language processing (NLP) to allow computers to "understand" speech and artificial intelligence (AI) to extract and organize data from it. In order for the algorithm to analyze speech, it is recorded and then transcribed so the AI can “read” it, identify patterns, and classify the data.

The result is that every conversation is captured and the data that matters most to your business is visualized in dashboards, searchable transcripts, reports and streamed to other platforms so you can take action on it in real time.

You can learn more about how Invoca conversation intelligence works in this blog post.

Invoca Product - Uncover Valuable Insights

Uncover valuable insights

With Invoca Signal AI you get an unprecedented view into conversation data from high-intent consumers. Automatically classify each call and get attribution when a purchase is made, an appointment is set, a quote is given, or anything that you want to identify and report. Send conversion data to platforms like Google Ads to optimize your campaigns and keyword bidding to get more conversions and reduce acquisition costs.

Make smarter decisions

With Invoca Signal AI Discovery, you can analyze thousands of calls to uncover patterns, trends, and customer behaviors that you didn't know existed. Automatically create signals based on actions that occurred on past calls to detect occurrences in future conversations, such as identifying high-intent callers, IVR issues, customer complaints, and what kind of conversions your most effective campaigns are driving.
Invoca Product - Make Smarter Decisions
Invoca Product - Democratize insights across your organization

Democratize insights across your organization

Conversation intelligence software unlocks valuable first-party customer data from the contact center. It enables the entire revenue-generating organization, from marketing to sales to eCommerce and customer experience, to get full visibility of the buying journey from click to call to conversion.

Detect and correct issues

With data-based insights into customer conversations, you can discover where and why customers are abandoning the digital journey and calling to improve digital experiences and drive more online conversions. Conversation intelligence software also enables you to see exactly what makes high-value customers convert on the phone and what makes them hang up without making a purchase to optimize the caller experience, drive more sales, and transform your contact center from a cost center to a revenue-accelerating operation.
Invoca Product - Detect and Correct Issues
Invoca Product - Enable Data-Based Agent Coaching

Enable data-based agent coaching

A conversation intelligence platform monitors every call that comes through your contact center or individual business locations. Automatically analyze the entirety of every call, even when it’s transferred to an external call center or local destination.

Define the automated call scoring criteria to quantify agent performance and track compliance to move from subjectively scoring some calls to objectively scoring all of them. This equals less time spent finding problems and more time improving agent performance through targeted coaching.

Automate call quality assurance

Automate your QA to get a complete and objective view into call handling quality and compliance. Automating call monitoring and scoring with conversation intelligence software enables you to create a scalable and repeatable QA process. Better yet, it frees you from searching for problems so you have the time to focus on strategies that don’t just provide consistent service, but continually improved service.
Invoca Product - Automate Contact Center QA

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