Uncover Actionable Data in Every Customer Conversation

Signal AI automates call listening to categorize calls in real time, giving you the data you need to convert more prospects, make your customers happier, and drive campaign performance through the roof.
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Invoca Product- Signal AI

How Signal AI helps sales and marketing teams succeed

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Get True Measurement

Signals track conversion events like purchases, service activations, and appointments to enable true and transparent attribution for all your marketing efforts.
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Run Higher Performing Campaigns

Drive more conversions and reduce media waste by activating real-time call outcome data to inform your media spend and campaign tactics.
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Act on Deeper Insights

Unlock a goldmine of first-party data to inform customer acquisition strategy, align sales & marketing teams, and improve your customer’s buying experience.
Invoca Product- AI your way

AI your way

With Signal AI, you’re in control. Get up-and-running fast with out-of-the box algorithms or train your own custom algorithms to detect conversion events, call outcomes, and other important conversational topics as soon as they happen.


Unlike “black box” conversation analytics technologies, Signal AI gives you real-time performance dashboards so you can see and improve your AI model accuracy.
Invoca Signal AI - Transparency
Invoca Product- Immediate activation

Immediate activation

Stream and activate your conversation data across hundreds of platforms as soon as the call ends to optimize bidding strategies, build targeting audiences, and enrich CRM and CDP data.