Invoca Fills The Gap In Salesforce's Marketing Cloud With Call Intelligence

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Invoca Fills The Gap In Salesforce's Marketing Cloud With Call Intelligence

Email is the workhorse of digital marketing. Not only does it deliver the highest ROI of any marketing channel, coming in at an impressive $38 dollars in revenue for every dollar spent, it also accounts for an average of 23% of all digital sales according to eConsultancy. Contrary to rumors -- that email is on the way out -- investment is actually on the rise, with Forrester predicting an increase in email spend of nearly 50% between 2014 and 2019.

Why Email and Phone Calls Belong Together

Invoca for Salesforce Marketing Cloud

However, with the rise of mobile, the way consumers interact with email has undergone a major transformation. Today, over half of all emails are opened on mobile devices and the number is growing every year. Unfortunately, while mobile engagement is on the rise, conversions are on the decline - with email conversion rates dropping by 1/6th since the release of the iPhone.

What many email marketers realize but haven’t yet been able to capitalize on is a solution that’s hiding in plain sight - inbound calls. They convert at 10-15x the rate of any digital interaction and 60% of consumers are calling for purchase of $100 or more. So, what’s standing in the way?

When a customer calls, they move from the digital world to the offline world, meaning email analytics lose visibility. For example, if a campaign drives a large number of conversions by phone, the marketer sees an email with a high open rate, a great click-through rate, but a terrible conversion rate. In fact, the better they do at driving conversions by phone the worse they look. So, many email marketers have actually avoided calls while admitting behind closed doors that while they know calls drive more conversions, they make the marketing team look worse.

Honestly, it’s pretty understandable if you’re limited to traditional email analytics. But, with more interactions coming on mobile and calls set to drive over $1 trillion in commerce in the US in 2016, marketers can no longer settle for this devil’s bargain.  Fortunately, for the first time, there’s a solution.

Invoca for Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Invoca for Salesforce Marketing Cloud is the first and only solution to deliver call intelligence to email marketers. With this solution, marketers gain 1:1 attribution for every call from email, rich profile data to improve personalization and segmentation, and a new set of interactions to optimize the customer journey.

According to Todd Surdey, SVP, ISV Sales at Salesforce, “by leveraging the power of the Salesforce App Cloud, Invoca provides marketers with an exciting new way to harness the power of phone calls to drive more conversions and improve customer journeys delivered from Salesforce Marketing Cloud.” Through our direct integration with the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, you now have the ability to create a highly personalized and consistent customer journey by delivering call intelligence across the entire Salesforce Marketing Cloud, including Journey Builder, Audience Builder, Email Studio, and more. Our new integration provides:

Call Attribution - Unique numbers for each customer provide 1:1 visibility into exactly which campaign, creative, and more drove every call. For the first time, you can see the full performance of your emails - taking credit for more of the sales you’re already driving while gaining new insights to optimize your campaigns and customer journeys.

call attribution for email

Profiles - Personalized marketing drives better results. Invoca for Salesforce Marketing Cloud gives you rich customer profile data and conversation intelligence. This includes what was purchased and what was said during conversations for segmentation and automation of personalized interactions over email and other channels like SMS, Push, Display, and the Web.

Journeys - All of this data is available for use to optimize customer interactions in Journey Builder. You can trigger journeys based on inbound calls, deliver a different experience based on purchases by phone, and even create journeys based on specific interests stated during conversations. If someone mentions a product but doesn’t purchase, take advantage of those insights to deliver an experience specific to their conversation with your brand.

Invoca for Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Invoca for Salesforce Marketing Cloud is truly a game changer for how you measure and optimize your email campaigns. By ensuring you get credit for the call conversions you’re driving, you can deliver a better experience while showing the true ROI of your efforts. Best of all, it's directly integrated with your existing marketing cloud account to save you time while giving you the tools to drive more conversions.

See for yourself -- visit to learn more.

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