Connect Phone Calls to Your Customer Journey Analytics Tools

Better Understand the Path to Conversion with Invoca Conversation Intelligence AI

Today’s buying journey is more fragmented than ever before. Invoca conversation intelligence AI connects the online experience to phone calls, giving marketers a complete view of the customer experience.

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“Invoca has helped us bridge the digital experience together with what was happening on phone calls. We can now see the full end-to-end customer journey, and make the right changes to improve it.”

-Kellyanne Perez-Vera, Marketing Activations Manager at Verizon

Customer Journey Analytics Provide Visibility on What Is and Isn’t Working

Customer journey analytics tools give marketers visibility into how customers are interacting with their brand at each touchpoint. Marketers can see which channels and campaigns are driving the most engagement and conversions, and identify areas where the customer journey may be falling short. 

Cut Down on Bottlenecks Within the Customer Journey

With customer journey analytics, businesses can identify inefficiencies in buyer journey and experience issues that create barriers to purchase. Teams can streamline the customer experience by removing these bottlenecks, improving conversion rates.

Create Connected Experiences Across All Touchpoints

Customer journey analytics tools can help marketers ensure that the customer experience is consistent across all touchpoints and channels, increasing customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Take the Guesswork Out of Personalization

Customer journey analytics tools can give businesses rich insights into customer behavior, preferences, and pain points. This data allows you to personalize customer interactions based on their preferences and behavior, leading to more targeted marketing and higher customer engagement.

Tapping Into a Customer Journey Goldmine: Customer Calls

Phone calls are a goldmine of insights — in these conversations, your customers are sharing what they need, how to make them happy, and any experience issues they’re encountering. With restrictions tightening around third-party data use, phone calls are an often untapped sources of first- and zero-party data that can fuel personalization and unlock new growth opportunities.

Using Invoca to Collect and Action on Customer Journey Data

Track the online journey that precedes each phone call

Invoca makes it easy to get granular customer journey data — down to the search keyword level — so you can see exactly how a customer interacts with your campaigns and website before they pick up the phone. You’ll get data including keyword, landing page, campaign, and Google click ID to accurately optimize your conversion paths, correct customer experience issues, and drive more high-value phone leads.

Capture rich insights from phone conversations with AI

Phone calls are one of the richest sources of customer data, but it’s difficult for marketers to unlock these insights — listening to every call isn’t feasible or scalable. Invoca solves this problem by using AI to capture insights and identify trends from your phone conversations at scale. 

  • Know what you’re looking for? You can use Signal AI Studio to automatically detect your chosen conversion events, call outcomes, and other important conversational topics as soon as they happen. You then can stream and activate your conversation data across hundreds of platforms as soon as the call ends.
  • Not sure what to search for? Invoca’s Signal Discovery uses unsupervised machine learning to group customer conversations into topics so you can easily identify trends from tens of thousands of conversations and take action on them in real time. 

Detect and correct issues causing digital abandonment

With Invoca, you can tie conversations to individual web sessions to identify exact points where customers exit the digital experience and reach out for human assistance. You can then tap into the conversations to understand what issues caused them to pick up the phone. With these insights, you can make data-driven improvements to your digital experiences to improve conversion rates and minimize calls for routine purchases.

Personalize experiences based on customer data

Your personalization strategy is only as good as the data you feed it. With Invoca, you can automatically route callers according to the product or service pages they visited during their journey. PreSense allows you to feed your contact center agents data about the caller’s digital journey before the call begins, so they can personalize the conversation accordingly.

In addition, you can use past phone conversations to personalize how you remarket to your customers. For example, you can retarget callers with ads for the products or services they expressed genuine interest in, and even tout the specific features or differentiators they inquired about. If they bought from you over the phone, you can serve them ads for relevant companion purchases or suppress them from seeing irrelevant ads.

Integrate call data with your customer journey analytics tools

Invoca isn’t just another software tool in an already crowded tech stack — it has deep integrations with the customer journey analytics tools you use every day. In addition, Invoca offers no-code integrations, which make it quick and easy for you to activate call attribution data in your tech stack, without developer resources or custom code builds. Popular no-code integrations include Google Analytics 4, Salesforce, Decibel by Medallia, Tealium, and more. See our full integration library here.

4 Key Benefits of Optimizing the Customer Journey

In a competitive market where customers have more choices and higher expectations, a customer-centric approach allows marketers to differentiate their brand. Marketers who care about the customer journey and invest in optimizing it can increase customer satisfaction and brand loyalty, unlocking new growth opportunities.

1. Understanding your customer’s behavior can lead to better conversion rates

When you track the end-to-end customer journey, you can identify inefficiencies that are harming your conversion rates. For example, you may learn that, while a paid search campaign is driving high-value phone leads, those callers are being routed inefficiently at the contact center, causing high abandonment rates. Correcting issues like this pays dividends for revenue generation.

2. Higher customer satisfaction leads to loyalty

When a customer is satisfied with a product or service, they are more likely to trust your brand, make repeat purchases, and recommend it to others. By prioritizing customer satisfaction and delivering seamless experiences, brands can establish a loyal customer base that supports them in the long term.

3. Customer journey insights can help you improve operations

When teams make an effort to understand the customer journey, they may learn new insights about their customers. They can, in turn, use these insights to tweak marketing messaging to align with customer needs, improve operational efficiency, and even inform research and development efforts.

4. Focusing on the customer gives you a competitive advantage

Optimizing the customer journey can also provide marketers with a competitive advantage. By delivering a better customer experience than their competitors, businesses can differentiate themselves and gain an edge.

Take the Customer Journey to the Next Level with Invoca

“The car buyer journey is different for everyone — some people want safety features and others want performance. Invoca has helped us tap into phone conversations so we can understand each buyer’s unique needs. As a result, we can deliver a truly peerless car-buying experience.”

-Marc Cannon, EVP & Chief Customer Experience Officer, AutoNation

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FAQs About Customer Journey Analytics Tools

What are customer journey analytics tools? 

Customer journey analytics tools help businesses track and optimize the customer journey across various touchpoints and channels. These tools collect data about customer behaviors throughout the entire path to purchase, providing valuable insights into customer preferences, pain points, and opportunities for improvement. 

Why are these tools important? 

Today’s customer journey is fragmented across many different channels — customer journey analytics tools help teams piece it together to get a unified view of the end-to-end experience. They enable marketers to make data-driven decisions, personalize messaging, and enhance overall customer satisfaction.

What kind of data can customer journey analytics tools track?

Customer journey analytics tools track a wide range of data points throughout the path to purchase, including: 

  • Touchpoint interactions
  • Customer behavior
  • Demographic information
  • Conversions
  • Engagement metrics
  • Customer feedback 

How do customer journey analytics tools help businesses improve customer experience?

Customer journey analytics tools help you gain a unified view of the path to purchase — this allows you to identify pain points and barriers to purchase that are harming conversion rates. By correcting these issues, you can create a seamless buying experience that delights customers. 

Customer journey analytics tools can also help you identify new opportunities to personalize each customer’s experience, making them feel valued and known.

What marketing technologies can I integrate with my customer journey analytics tool?

Customer journey analytics tools can integrate with a wide range of marketing technologies to provide a complete view of the customer journey. Some common marketing tools that customer journey analytics tools integrate with include:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Platforms
  • Marketing Automation Tools
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Email Marketing Platforms
  • Social Media Management Tools
  • Advertising Platforms
  • Web Analytics Tools
  • Conversation Intelligence Solutions like Invoca

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