How To Master Facebook's Offline Conversion Tracking

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How To Master Facebook's Offline Conversion Tracking

Here's the gist: Invoca’s Voice Marketing Cloud gives marketers granular campaign attribution to understand why customers are calling and insights about who’s calling and what’s being said in conversations -- in real time! With Invoca for Facebook, marketers have the same powerful insights they can use to optimize their Facebook Advertising. With Invoca for Facebook, marketers can:

  • Measure true Facebook ROI with granular attribution for phone calls
  • Get greater insight into target audiences including demographic details
  • See call data inside Facebook reporting for optimizing

All this translates into quantifiable value. In fact, marketers who use Invoca drive higher lead quality and 26% conversion rates, and overall they see 47% increase in revenue generated from phone calls in their first year of use.

If these sound like the kind of results you want, keep reading to learn exactly how Invoca can help you master Facebook's offline conversion tracking.

We all know offline conversion can come from anywhere, making them an attribution nightmare! Luckily Facebook’s Offline Conversions API makes it possible for marketers to track phone calls and in-store purchases driven by Facebook ads as simply as tracking online activity. But if you’re new to offline attribution (no judgement, most digital marketers are), there are a few things you need to know before you're ready to use Facebook’s Offline Conversion API like a boss. Here’s a quick guide to mastering Facebook’s latest tool.

Understand the value of offline conversion tracking.

If you do business over the phone or in person, offline conversion tracking can’t be ignored. End of story. So the first step to mastering Facebook’s Offline Conversions is really understanding why it’s a big deal.

Right now people use mobile in 45% of all shopping journeys, according to Facebook. This rise in mobile means people are bouncing between the digital and real worlds more than ever. In fact, Invoca found that more than half of customer phone calls actually come from mobile marketing sources, and Facebook reports that more than 90% of retail sales take place in brick-and-mortar businesses.

This means the majority of business still happens offline, and to put it simply, if you’re not tracking these transactions, you’re operating in the dark.

That’s where Facebook Offline Conversions comes in.

Learn how Facebook’s Offline Conversions work.

Facebook’s Offline Conversions API makes it possible for you to link transaction data from your customer database to Facebook’s Ads Reporting. This allows you to track phone calls and in-store traffic the same way you track online activity so your can see exactly what's working and where to spend your money.

For phone calls
You can use Invoca for Facebook to get granular attribution data down to the ad level. How does it work? When someone clicks a Facebook ad to your website or landing page they will see a unique phone tracking phone number. If they call, all the ad and audience data will be captured and automatically sent to your Facebook ads dashboard via an API.

Invoca for Facebook

For in-store visits
Facebook launched store visits, which is a new metric in Ads Reporting. This allows you to better understand their foot traffic after running local awareness ads.

How does it work? Facebook gathers this data by looking at users’ location history. Location data is only available for users who have opted in. The data is also anonymous, for privacy reasons, so you can’t actually connect an individual person to a specific in-store visit.

Get data galore!

Location-based metrics
See whether someone saw an ad and then visited a store within one day, one week, or four weeks. Facebook provides an estimated metric based on location services enabled on people’s phones.

Real-time results
Whether a transaction occurs in-store or over the phone, you can see results in real-time. For in-store visits, you can see how many people come to your store after seeing a Facebook campaign. With Invoca for Facebook, you can get actionable insights into campaigns, ad sets, and ads driving customers to call and convert offline.

Target Audiences
Gain valuable insights into your target audiences. With demographic information, you can better understand customers who are most likely to visit your store location or place a call to complete a purchase.

Call data
Within Facebook’s standard reporting tools, businesses can view Invoca call data, like call duration, caller location, key presses, new or repeat call, and tons of other demographic details. Invoca also provides voice analytics so you know exactly what happened on the call and if a sale was made.

Put the data in action.

With added data, there’s a huge opportunity to make powerful, revenue-driving optimizations to your Facebook advertising strategy. You can now use Facebook's Offline Conversions API to:

  • Measure true Facebook ROI by seeing the campaigns, ads, and ad sets driving offline conversions.
  • Improve your Facebook ad creative, delivery, and targeting based on online conversions, inbound calls, and store visits.
  • Analyze results across stores and regions to improve future campaigns.
  • Identify opportunities to increase call volume and foot traffic.
  • Optimize Facebook ad targeting with unique insights and demographic details gathered from phone calls.

Thank you, Facebook, for bringing us one step closer to fully understanding the customer journey and closing the online to offline gap. If you're interested in seeing Invoca for Facebook in action, contact us to request a demo!

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