How Invoca Call Tracking Works With Your Marketing Tech Stack

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How Invoca Call Tracking Works With Your Marketing Tech Stack

Many marketers have come to the realization that being martech savvy is no longer a nice-to-have, it’s a basic requirement. Making data-driven decisions and automating processes is now a part of the marketing business. That explains why there are now nearly 7,000 martech solutions according to Scott Brinker’s last count. Every shiny new tool seems like it could be a silver bullet to boost your ROI, but before you add to the stack, it’s important to understand how a new platform works with what you’re already using and how it adds value.

Invoca’s call tracking and analytics solution is an important addition for any marketer that needs to get insight into what happens when customers call. It allows you to attribute conversions that happen on the phone to digital marketing efforts and optimize what you’re doing to drive more revenue. This is mission critical data, but it’s not just another dashboard. Through its comprehensive native martech integrations, Invoca is able to add call analytics data to the martech tools you already use.

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Here we’ll walk through the most popular digital marketing tools and show you how Invoca call tracking and analytics data fits into (and completes) your marketing intelligence picture.

Google Marketing Platform

Google Marketing Platform is packed with powerful tools, but it can only provide very basic attribution for phone calls and other offline actions. Here are a few ways Invoca call analytics data supercharges the power of Google Marketing Platform:

Ads (fka AdWords) - Call-based conversion data from Invoca is added to Google Ads using the AdWords API (conversions are reported as “offline conversions”). This allows you to optimize your Google Search and Display campaigns by seeing online and offline actions side-by-side, so you can make decisions using complete conversion data.

Analytics - Invoca allows you to report phone calls driven from your website as events within Google Analytics. These events are reported as Inbound Call events and can be factored into Google Analytics Goals.

Display and Video 360 (fka DoubleClick Campaign Manager) - By using Invoca’s direct integration, you can now measure call-based conversions in Google Display & Video 360. Then, you can use that conversion data to either suppress or retarget individuals based on their conversion status in real time. This means you optimize marketing spend and create a better customer experience with a complete picture of your customers’ actions.

Adobe Experience Cloud

If Adobe is at the center of your marketing stack, you understand how powerful it is for understanding your customers’ journey and creating positive customer experiences. By using call analytics in the AEC via our direct integration, marketers gain a complete view of marketing channels and web session activity driving inbound calls. Here’s how it works:

Adobe Analytics - With Invoca, you can view your digital conversions directly next to your phone call conversions. By piping this valuable new call data into Adobe Analytics, you get a 360-view of your customers’ journey and can use those insights to optimize the path to purchase.

Adobe Audience Manager - When a call is placed, you can determine in real-time if the caller belongs to your segments in Adobe Audience Manager. If the caller is in a high-intent segment, that is a strong indication they are ready to buy. Calls like these can be automatically routed to a priority queue, bypassing the IVR and connecting them directly to a qualified agent. That means a more personalized experience for the caller and an increased likelihood that they will convert.

Adobe Target - Invoca allows you to feed call and call conversion data into Adobe Analytics for segmentation and publish the segments to Adobe Target. This means that after someone visits your website then takes an action on the phone, you can use the call-powered segments to show them personalized content when they return to your website. For example, if a first-time home buyer calls and begins a mortgage application, when they return to your site you can show them content tailored to help them through the application process.

Adobe Advertising Cloud (fka Media Optimizer) - With Invoca you can attribute calls and call conversions to the paid search campaigns, ad groups, ads, and keywords driving them. You can then incorporate call conversions in your Weighted Objectives and forecasting tools to better understand the customer path to conversion and use this information to optimize campaigns and drive more revenue.

Adobe Launch - With our direct integrations, marketers can easily implement the Invoca Tag across websites with Invoca’s extension in Adobe Launch. Minimal involvement from IT means you can start gathering valuable call data faster.


Salesforce is the leading CRM and has moved aggressively into the marketing cloud space over the last few years. If you’re an avid Salesforce user, here are a few ways Invoca works with Salesforce to take your programs to the next level.

Sales Cloud - Invoca arms your inside sales team with data about each caller so they can focus on the leads that matter. Lead scores are created based on the content that drove the call, and rich third-party data sources such as Whitepages and Infutor to enhance lead profiles as the calls come in.

Marketing CloudEmails drive phone calls, too! With Invoca for Salesforce Marketing Cloud, you can attribute inbound calls to email campaigns and individual contacts. Then, you can use the call data and outcomes in Audience Builder and Journey Builder to create segments based on those actual conversation outcomes and incorporate the phone call as an important step the customer journey.


Worldwide, there are over 2.23 billion monthly active Facebook users, of which 1.15 billion visit the site on their phone. That means it’s a great way to drive your customers to call. The benefits for marketers using Invoca with Facebook are twofold:

Complete Attribution - Facebook’s analytics can only tell you that somebody clicked on the "Call Now" button. While that’s fine, you don’t know if they actually even connected the call, let alone whether or not a conversion occurred. With Invoca, you get a full picture of what happened after the “Call Now” button was clicked, including conversion data, so you get full and accurate attribution for calls driven from your Facebook advertising.

Expand Your Audiences - Using conversion data from Invoca, you can build lookalike audiences that behave like your most valuable customers. This allows you to expand your audience to just the right people and optimize your conversion rates and spending on Facebook.

These are just a few examples that illustrate the power of incorporating call data into your marketing tech stack. While we covered only a handful of the 6,000+ tools out there, it’s important to realize that every marketing tool gets better when you have clean, actionable, valuable data. With Invoca, you get access to an entirely new first-party data set that can make every other tool you use more powerful.

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