Get More from Your Entire Martech Stack with These 5 Invoca Integrations

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Get More from Your Entire Martech Stack with These 5 Invoca Integrations

Data integrations are among the most important considerations when selecting a new marketing analytics solution. Marketing data never lives in a vacuum. It always needs to be combined with other data sources to get a complete picture of your performance. You also need to take action on this data, so delivery must be automated in order to scale your analytics and optimization—moving metrics between spreadsheets isn’t going to cut it. 

This is especially important when you’re considering conversation intelligence vendors. Since the goal is to bring together online and offline analytics from phone calls to optimize your campaigns and prove the effectiveness of your marketing spend, you need to ensure your integrations work. The number one reason many of our customers switched to Invoca from other vendors is our superior integrations with the platforms they use every day.

Here are 10 of the most popular conversation intelligence integrations that will enable you to get more out of your martech stack and get more ROI from every marketing dollar you spend.

1. Digital Advertising Integrations

With Invoca’s digital advertising integrations, you can stream call data to virtually any ad platform in real time to get insight into which paid media efforts are working and which aren’t. This helps you spend more effectively, get more conversions, and increase performance across every channel. You can automate and optimize your keyword bidding with call conversion data, create high-value lookalike audiences, and more. Invoca offers integrations with a dozen ad platforms, including no-code integrations with Google Ads, Search Ads 360, and Microsoft Ads. 

Google Ads is our most popular integration and it’s often the first one our customers activate — for good reason. By delivering call conversion data to Google Ads and using it with AI-powered, automated tools like Google Smart Bidding, our customers often see impressive results right away. 

For example, Rogers Communications dropped its Google Search CPA by over 80% and doubled the volume of qualified leads by integrating Invoca with Google “There’s nothing I’ve used that’s improved my return on ad spend so quickly, so efficiently, and so quantifiably,” said Charlie Farrell, Senior Manager of Search Engine Marketing at Rogers. 

Before using Invoca, Rogers could see the Google data showing that an ad had driven a call — but they were left in the dark about the outcome. This led them to prioritize certain ads that were driving billing questions and customer support calls, rather than sales calls. With Invoca, Rogers was able to cut spending on ads that were driving non-sales-related calls and instead allocate that budget to higher-performing campaigns. 

Check out these Invoca + Google Ads success stories to see how Invoca customers reduce their acquisition costs and drive more revenue by integrating Invoca with Google Ads. 

2. Web Analytics Integrations

With Invoca, you can finally marry your call tracking data with digital data in your analytics platform to measure and attribute inbound calls with the same accuracy as online actions. 

In high-stakes purchase industries like healthcare, home improvement services, automotive, telecom, and others, upwards of 60% of customers call before making a purchase. They’re often calling to get quotes, set appointments, and make purchases, and their calls are driven by your marketing efforts — and budget. 

However, many marketers have no visibility in their web analytics platforms of what’s happening on the calls they drive to the contact center and business locations. So you’re spending your budget to send calls into the abyss. It gets worse: with this lack of call data, marketers make uninformed spending decisions that waste money and undersell their efforts.

With Invoca’s web analytics integrations, you get full marketing attribution for every call (and conversion) your budget drives — just like you do for digital conversions. Integrations with platforms like Google Analytics enable marketers can attribute every phone call conversion to the marketing source that drove it — down to the campaign, ad, and keyword. 

You get attribution whether a lead calls from an ad or a website visit because Invoca tracks the entire digital journey that drove the call and can stream that data to your web analytics platform. 

Whether you use Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, or other platforms, Invoca has an integration for you.

3. Social Media Advertising Integrations

Facebook Ads Manager reporting alone can only tell you how many people clicked the CTA button. Just knowing that the button was clicked does not tell you if the call was even connected, let alone what the nature and outcome of the call was. Without proper call attribution, you can’t properly optimize your social media ads. 

Invoca’s integration with platforms like Facebook enables you to automatically detect the disposition calls from your ads. This gives you the data you need to see which ads and audiences are driving sales on the phone, so you can optimize them to drive more leads and sales. The Facebook integration also enables you to use conversion data from phone calls to automatically build and expand lookalike audiences, so you don’t have to export data manually between the platforms. 

Banner Health uses Invoca’s social media integrations to decrease its CPA from social media campaigns by an astonishing 597%. “Invoca has been a game-changer for our team. It allows us to maximize one of our most valuable resources — our marketing dollars,” said Chris Pace, Chief Digital Marketing Officer at Banner Health. They were also able to drive 35% more conversions over the phone. You can read the Banner Health case study here.

4. Customer Experience Analytics

If improving the digital buying experience is one of your priorities, you’ve likely invested in web analytics and experience tools. You can get even more value out of those platforms by integrating them with conversation intelligence data. 

For example, to more precisely pinpoint where dropoff is occurring on your website, you can integrate Invoca call data with customer experience analytics platforms like Optimizely, Decibel, Fullstory, and Quantum Metric. By utilizing web experience tools and features like session replays you can understand more deeply the purchase paths that are driving phone calls. This will enable you to fix breaks in the online conversion funnel and optimize for certain purchases where driving a phone call presents significant revenue opportunities. The result is that every customer gets the seamless experience they deserve and you drive more revenue and higher conversion rates. Learn more about integrating conversation intelligence data with digital CX platforms here.

5. CRM Integrations

Your CRM keeps track of every touchpoint and interaction throughout the entire customer lifecycle but most marketers don’t track the most critical touchpoint — phone calls. With Invoca’s no-code CRM integrations with Salesforce and Hubspot, you can automate lead creation and enrich customer profiles in your CRM with customer conversation and phone conversion data. Closed-loop reporting allows you to track leads all the way to closed or lost so you know exactly which calls are converting for better optimization.  

This will allow you to accurately segment prospects into campaigns that align with their interests, nurture and upsell existing customers, and improve your retargeting and ad suppression tactics. You can learn more about Invoca’s CRM integrations here

What Makes Invoca’s Integrations Better Than The Rest?

These are just a few of the 50+ certified integrations available with Invoca’s AI-powered conversation intelligence platform. Using Invoca’s exhaustive API library and webhooks, we can also create custom integrations with virtually any platform—even home-grown solutions. But what makes Invoca’s integrations better than the rest? 

  • Easy implementation: Invoca has no-code integrations with over a dozen popular platforms including Google, Adobe, Microsoft Ads, Facebook, Salesforce, and many more.
  • Automated data delivery: Other “integrations” require manual data imports/exports, pivot tables, and spreadsheets. Not Invoca. Our integrations make data delivery a hands-off, automated process so you can focus on scaling your success. 
  • Standardized data: Invoca delivers data to other platforms using binary signals so more platforms can “understand” the data that is being delivered with out any hacky workarounds.
  • 45+ Certified integrations: Our growing list of certified integrations are thoroughly tested so you can rest assured that they work—without weeks of development work.

To learn more about our integrations, visit the Invoca Exchange or schedule a personalized consultation with one of our experts. 

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