Improve the Digital Customer Experience with Conversation Intelligence

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Improve the Digital Customer Experience with Conversation Intelligence

I’m sure we’ve all had the experience of struggling to complete an online purchase. There can be a lot of reasons for this — maybe you don’t know where to find the product you want to buy, the content doesn’t provide enough detail, or you’re experiencing an error with the online shopping cart. When you hit one of these roadblocks, the natural next step is to call the business. 

As a marketer or customer service professional, you might think of the call center as a separate entity from the digital experience. You may believe these “offline” experiences aren’t relevant to the digital buying journey. But this couldn’t be further from the truth — these callers are literally telling you what products they’re interested in, what barriers to digital purchase they’re facing, and how to make them happy. With a conversation intelligence solution, you can capture this rich first-party data at scale. You can then meet the customer where they are in their journey and make it easier for them to convert through their preferred channel — whether it’s online or over the phone. 

Here’s how your company can use conversation intelligence to improve the digital experience for your customers and drive more online conversions. 

Identify Which Website Pages Are Driving Digital Abandonment

Like G.I. Joe always said, knowing is half the battle. Sure, it’s advice from a 35-year-old cartoon-slash-action figure, but that doesn’t make it any less true. The first step for improving the digital experience is knowing where problems lie. 

With conversation intelligence, you can pinpoint the exact moments when shoppers choose to call rather than complete their purchase online. Solutions like Invoca surface the caller’s entire journey through your website, from the ad and search keyword that brought them in, to the pages they viewed, and the page they were viewing when they picked up the phone.This helps you locate your “problem” pages are that are driving unnecessary calls and even high-value calls that are ripe for an upsell. 

Integrate Conversation Intelligence With Your Website Experience Tools

If improving the digital buying experience is one of your company’s priorities, you’ve likely invested in web analytics and experience tools to help you with that process. You can get even more value out of those platforms by integrating them with conversation intelligence data. 

For example, to more precisely pinpoint where dropoff is occurring on your website, you can integrate Invoca call data with customer experience analytics platforms like Decibel, Fullstory, and Quantum Metric. By utilizing web experience tools and features like session replays you can understand more deeply the purchase paths that are driving phone calls. This will enable you to fix breaks in the online conversion funnel and optimize for certain purchases where driving a phone call presents significant revenue opportunities. The result is that every customer gets the seamless experience they deserve and you drive more revenue and higher conversion rates. 

Watch the short video clip below to see how Invoca and Decibel help you visualize the full digital-to-call experience. With Invoca’s Decibel integration, you can view the session replay of the web visit that drove each phone call. Check out this blog about our Decibel integration to learn more.

Use Conversation Insights from Calls to Identify Digital Experience Issues  

Now that you’ve identified the “problem” pages and events that are causing customers to call  when they’d rather complete their purchases online, you can tap into the phone conversations to fully understand the issues. Conversation intelligence solutions like Invoca automatically record and transcribe every phone conversation, so you can hear exactly what your customers are saying when they call you. 

Don’t want to sift through your transcriptions manually? No problem — you can use Invoca’s Signal AI to automatically detect certain words or phrases that you’ve deemed important. For example, you could set up a signal that identifies when customers ask questions about pricing or when they mention an issue with your website. This will allow you to quickly address key issues on your webpages.

Sometimes, however, you may not know what words or phrases to look for. There may be issues impacting your customers that you haven’t detected yet. To identify topics and trends you may not have known to look for, you can use Invoca’s Signal Discovery. This feature uses machine learning to discover macro and micro trends that are happening in your consumers’ phone conversations. As a result, you can detect new customer issues and barriers to purchase at scale, without having to listen to call recordings to find them.

Example of Invoca Signal Discovery for a mortgage provider

The result? You may find that a certain product page doesn’t offer enough specifics for customers to make a purchasing decision, you may learn that your checkout process is long and overly complicated, or you may discover that your online shopping cart is stalling out from a server or backend issue.

These issues can be costly if left unchecked. But with conversation intelligence, you can quickly uncoverthese problems and fix them quickly. As a result, you’ll increase customer satisfaction and reduce churn. 

Meet Customers Where They Are and Eliminate Friction With Omnichannel Analytics

To provide top-notch experiences, you need to understand your customers on a deep level. This means tapping into omnichannel analytics from the full buying journey — both online and over the phone. When you have these insights, you can eliminate friction and meet your customers where they are. If they want to buy online, you can eliminate barriers to purchase so that it’s easy to do so. If they want to call an expert for guidance, you should make it easy for them to call at the right time. It's all about making sure that the customer can do what's convenient for THEM, not for your company. 

Once you know how your customers want to engage, you should do everything you can to create a smooth experience as customers switch between channels. After all, companies with strong omnichannel customer engagement retain on average 89% of their customers, compared to 33% for companies with weak omnichannel customer engagement. 

To learn more about Invoca’s solution, check out our Ultimate Guide to Conversation Intelligence. To see Invoca in action, request your personalized demo.

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