What Makes Invoca the Best Conversation Intelligence AI for Marketing and Contact Centers

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What Makes Invoca the Best Conversation Intelligence AI for Marketing and Contact Centers

Invoca has been the leader in conversation intelligence AI since Signal AI was launched in 2017. With the release of the new Signal AI suite, we’ve pulled even further ahead of the pack. There are many conversation intelligence and call tracking solutions out there that claim AI capabilities, but a lot of it is just fluff. It’s AI just to say “We have AI!” but the data often isn’t actionable, so it serves little if any business purpose. Invoca’s new Signal AI suite is different.

We provide a unique, best-in-class AI suite with a combination of patented machine learning, generative AI, voice biometrics, and neural network models to unlock strategic, real-time insights from customer conversations. This data goes way beyond knowing if the word “sale” was said on a call — and you can’t get it anywhere else. 

Invoca Has the Right AI for the Right Job

Phone conversations are one of the richest sources of insights businesses have on their customers, their marketing performance, and the customer experience. AI is often seen as a magic wand. However, no single AI technology can unlock all of the business insights available in customer conversations that can be used to improve marketing, ecommerce, sales, and customer experiences.

This is why Invoca’s new Signal AI suite provides a best-in-class mix of unique and purpose-built AI technologies that unlock breakthrough insights from every individual conversation and across thousands of calls at once with unmatched accuracy. Here are a few examples of how Invoca’s mix of AI is used:

  • Patented machine learning technology is used by marketers, contact centers, and sales teams to accurately measure hundreds of different customer insights from every call in real time.
  • Generative AI is used to transcribe calls with unprecedented accuracy and summarize individual conversations. It also enables users to request information about calls with more natural, conversational queries and provides human-like responses.
  • Unsupervised machine learning is used to analyze what’s being discussed across thousands of calls to expose new insights, trends, and issues and intelligently group them in topic groups that are easy to explore and understand.
  • Voice biometric technology is used to detect which agent is speaking on a call and to differentiate between agent and caller. 
  • Neural network models are used to measure caller and agent sentiment during conversations and how it changes throughout each call. 

Invoca is Easy for Anyone to Learn and Use

Invoca is built for marketing, sales, and contact centers teams to use themselves. Now you can get up and running with Invoca even faster. Signal AI Studio enables you to quickly create custom AI models trained on your own calls to capture the insights you need from every conversation with unprecedented accuracy. 

Signal AI Studio makes it easy to train AI models that precisely fit your business needs

Signal AI Studio’s no-code UI speeds you through AI model training. Simply type the insight you want the AI to detect, such as calls that are new leads, if an appointment was set, or if the agent gave a proper greeting. Signal AI Studio then shows you transcribed examples from your actual calls it believes either do or don’t fit that insight, and you tell it if it’s right. The AI learns with every response, quickly creating a new AI model to detect that insight on future calls.

The AI trains itself to become an expert on your calls so you can start reaping the benefits of conversation intelligence AI quickly. 

Invoca is More Accurate

Your business decisions are only as good as the data you use to make them. Call tracking competitors offer basic keyword spotting (if a word or phrase was said on a call) to predict the lead intent and conversation outcome of calls. That data is often inaccurate because it can only detect the specific words and phrases you told it to look for — it’s just not smart. For example, if it only detects of someone said the word “appointment”, it could get false positives from people calling to cancel appointments. This leads to misleading performance data and ineffective optimizations that prevent you from hitting your goals.

Invoca is different because: 

  • Our AI doesn’t require that specific words are spoken on calls to correctly detect an insight — and it doesn’t assume that just because certain words are said, an insight is always true.
  • Its AI models are trained on your business’s actual phone calls, so the AI understands exactly what to look for on your specific calls (and what not to) to measure the insights you need.
  • Our AI models aren’t static — they are powered by machine learning, so they evolve and improve with each conversation.

Invoca customers can rely on the data from Invoca’s AI to measure and improve marketing ROI, evaluate and improve call handling and conversion rates, and detect and correct CX issues costing them revenue.

Invoca Provides More than Just Conversion Data

Being able to accurately detect conversions on phone calls is important, but there’s a lot more data available. Customer conversations are the richest source of first-party data you have, and Invoca enables you to take full advantage of your voice of the customer (VoC) data. With Invoca you can:

Capture lead intent, product interest, and conversation outcomes with easy-to-build custom AI models. No matter what insight you are looking for, you can track and take action on that data with Invoca.

Discover the unknown-unknowns with unsupervised machine learning to uncover new marketing, sales, and CX insights that you aren’t actively looking for. Signal AI Discovery automatically groups phone conversations into topics based on similarities in speech patterns and enables users to turn them into new signals for Invoca to track and action on moving forward. 

And the new Topic Explorer enables you to visualize the themes and related topics being discussed across thousands of your calls at once to surface unexpected insights. 

Easily visualize topics that occur on calls with Topic Explorer

You can specify the topics or categories you want Topic Explorer to visualize, view GPT-powered descriptions of topic summaries, and review transcribed examples from actual calls. Topic Explorer is a unique and powerful way to surface new and actionable insights on customers, call experiences, agent performance, and digital marketing campaigns you weren’t using Signal AI Studio to actively analyze. 

Learn more about Invoca’s new Signal AI Suite here.

Invoca’s AI is Explainable and Secure

One of the biggest issues businesses encounter with AI is that they don’t know how it came to the decisions it makes. Unlike most AI, Signal AI is not a black box — you can view AI accuracy scores in the Invoca platform and see the reasons why the AI made its decisions. 

Data security is often the biggest obstacle to implementing AI. In our State of AI in Digital Marketing report, data security concerns were the #1 barrier to adopting AI technology. With Invoca, you get compliance and security without compromise. Signal AI is backed by Invoca’s enterprise-grade reliability, security, redaction, and compliance. To protect your customers’ privacy and keep your data safe, Invoca meets the compliance standards that matter most to you, including:

  • SOC 2 Type 2 certified, ISO 27001, HIPAA, and GDPR compliant
  • PCI DSS, Privacy Shield, and TRUSTe certified
  • Supports two-factor authentication and SAML
  • Controls for call recording, data redaction, and data access
  • Prioritizes consumer privacy through local storage in US and European data centers

We’re also committed to creating responsible, ethical AI systems and have signed The Ethics & Integrity Charter for LLM-Based AI. Learn more about Invoca security and compliance here.

Schedule a personalized consultation to learn more about Invoca’s groundbreaking conversation intelligence AI.

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