How To Solve 5 Of The Most Common Problems In The Customer Experience With Invoca

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How To Solve 5 Of The Most Common Problems In The Customer Experience With Invoca

Today, brands live and die by the customer experience. According to a study by McKinsey & Company this is how much of an impact your customer experience has on the bottom line:

  • 61% of customers are more likely to buy from companies that deliver custom content.
  • Companies that offer an exceptional customer experience exceed the gross margins of their competitors by more than 26%.
  • 25% of customers will choose another company after just one bad experience.

One of the biggest pitfalls of the customer experience is consistency -- especially between online and offline channels. And, it turns out delivering a great digital experience has a lot to do with phone calls.

When marketers don’t connect phone calls to the rest of the customer journey, the result is a fragmented, inconsistent journey. In other words, unhappy consumers who won’t give you their money.

Invoca’s call intelligence brings phone calls into the picture so marketers know when consumers are calling and what’s happening on those calls. Marketers can use these insights to inform and improve the rest of the digital journey.

Here are five of the most common problems in today’s customer experience and how Invoca helps you solve them.

1. Retargeting customers for things they already purchased

This one happens to me all the time, and I’m sure it’s happened to you. For some reason, marketers don’t always connect the dots between a customer, their order history, and the retargeting system.

This frequently happens when customers make a purchase over the phone. I had a recent experience with this very problem. I bought a large piece of furniture over the phone because I wanted to discuss delivery options. Sure enough, I’m still seeing retargeting ads and getting emails for the armoire I purchased three weeks ago. What I really want is a coupon for a new rug to go with my new furniture. What a missed opportunity.

Invoca fixes this common problem by updating your other marketing systems with caller information and the outcome of a call. With this data, you can now send emails or retargeting ads with cross-sell or upsell offers. If a prospect didn’t make a purchase, you have a great opportunity to close the deal by sending reminders or special offers.

2. Delivering a web experience that doesn’t reflect offline activity

Generic, one-size-fits-all web experiences are becoming a thing of the past. Thanks to RTP (real-time personalization) technology, marketers are creating websites that are customized to a particular visitor based on demographic segments, product interests, and other data points.

Invoca makes it possible to leverage call data for website personalization. Phone calls provide a wealth of demographic information, marketing attribution data, and insights about where a customer is in their journey, what their product interest is, and how likely they are to purchase. By syncing this data with your RTP platform, you can tap into all those insights to customize your website’s images and offers to create a tailored customer experience. Your customer will feel like you actually know them the next time they visit your website.

3. Serving pricey search ads to current customers

This is a common and costly problem. A current customer does a Google search and clicks an expensive search ad that was actually intended to drive new customers.

With Invoca, this won’t happen. You can sync caller data in systems like DoubleClick so you can repress search ads for your current customer base. This way, customers will enter your site through your organic listing and you’ve saved a bundle.

4. Sending irrelevant or generic ads and emails

In the age of data, generic, mass messages shouldn’t be a thing. You’ve got so much data to create targeted audience segments for display ads and emails. But what happens when a customer makes a phone call?

Phone calls are often a marketing blind spot, which is unfortunate since calls provide tons of customer insight you can’t get anywhere else. Each phone call potentially comes with hundreds of data points like:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Household income
  • Geo-location
  • Product interest
  • Marketing engagement history
  • Call outcome

With Invoca, you can capture all these insights and use them to create personalized ads and emails. When someone calls in, Invoca captures the caller data and connects it to that person in your email database or to an online user, via cookie data. Then your ad or email platform or can use the data to create audience segments for more personalized messaging based on online and offline interactions. No more serving ads featuring the wrong product!

5. Treating all callers the same

Don’t undo all your great digital marketing with a bad caller experience. Digital marketers are driving billions of phone calls, but it’s all for nothing if those calls don’t turn into sales. Yet too often, the caller experience isn’t personalized and sales agents are having impersonal conversations with zero context. This is costing companies serious revenue. In fact, 74% of consumers say they are likely to choose another company after a negative phone experience.

Invoca allows you to personalize a caller’s experience in real time. You can route and filter calls based on web history, new or repeat caller, geo-location and more.

You can also provide sales agents with caller information so they can have highly targeted conversations. Invoca provides demographic details, previous call activity, and marketing engagement history so agents can have more effective conversations and they don’t waste time gathering basic details.

Marketers are heavily investing in data and automation tools to deliver personalized messages across the digital customer journey. But when a customer hops on a call, that data and personalization usually go out the window. Invoca can help you create a consistent customer journey.

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