How to Get Started Quickly With Contact Center Conversation Intelligence 

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How to Get Started Quickly With Contact Center Conversation Intelligence 

You probably know that using AI-powered conversation intelligence in the contact center makes it more efficient, increases your CSAT, and improves agent retention. Coming from a world where on-prem technology once ruled the landscape, it’s also reasonable to assume that implementation will be an IT nightmare, disrupting your operations for months. Cloud-based contact center technology has turned this thinking on its head. Getting all of the benefits of conversation intelligence in the contact center today is easier than you might think. 

Here is how Invoca’s cloud-based conversation intelligence makes it easy for you to reap all of the benefits without turning your contact center house upside down. 

Option 1: Simple Tag-Based Website Deployment

Invoca uses an easy-to-deploy tag that enables you to automatically swap out phone numbers on your website with Invoca dynamic phone numbers. Every user that visits your website will see a different phone number, which also serves as a unique identifier for the caller. This enables you to make a 1-to-1 connection between each caller and their online activity that preceded the call, provide agents with that pre-call digital data to inform the conversation, and route calls based on digital intent Signals.

Once the tag is live on your website, you can immediately begin analyzing and scoring all of your calls and start seeing value on day one. Invoca seamlessly routes calls from the dynamic numbers to the same number it replaced on your website, so callers won’t notice the difference. It also has zero impact or changes required to your existing call routing or telephony.   

Option 2: Import Call Recordings from Any Platform

You don’t have to use dynamic phone numbers on your website if you don’t need or want to. Invoca can ingest call recordings from any platform that can provide stereo (dual-channel) MP3/WAV recordings so you can analyze and automatically QA all of your inbound or outbound calls. All imported calls are processed just as they would as if Invoca had connected the call. The call is transcribed, evaluated, and automatically scored. 

Invoca makes it easy to automatically import your inbound or outbound call recordings with REST API and bulk upload options. Both options allow for additional metadata to be included with the import to Invoca. This means elements like call disposition, associated revenue, agent ID, business unit, and locations can live in the same platform as the call saving the effort of having to combine data from multiple systems.

Works Without Disrupting Your Current Tech or Operations

Invoca is a cloud-based SaaS platform, so there’s no hardware to install or maintain. There’s no rip-and-replace nightmare to deal with when you add Invoca conversation intelligence to your contact center. More importantly, Invoca coexists with your existing technology. There’s no additional software to install on agent workstations nor do you need to worry about adding a distraction with another window being added to their screens.

We invest millions every year on platform reliability and security so you can rely on Invoca to connect your calls 24-7-365. You also don’t have to make any changes to your existing telephony, call handling, or other contact center software to use Invoca’s AI-powered automated QA, call recording and transcription, coaching tools and other capabilities. With Invoca, you start seeing value from day one.

No-Code and Low-Code Integrations

If you want to get more out of your conversation intelligence investment and other elements of your tech stack, Invoca makes it easy to democratize data across the organization. Invoca’s low-code and no-code contact center integrations include:

  • Five9 - Invoca’s integration with Five9 makes omnichannel journey insights accessible in one place without disruption to existing systems, all while calls take place. Invoca tracks the consumer’s entire digital journey, including keyword search terms, ads clicked, and products viewed on the webpage. This data — collectively known as PreCall — is automatically exposed in Five9 when the call is connected to the agent. This gives agents the context they need to provide a personalized, empathetic, and efficient experience for the customer.  
  • Salesforce Sales Cloud - This integration provides attribution and AI-powered insights into customer conversations and then converts them into Salesforce leads, reducing after-call work. Closed loop reporting allows you to track those leads all the way to closed or lost so you you know exactly which calls are converting for better optimization.
  • Slack - Automatically notify agents via Slack that they got a comment or an @mention from their manager on a scored call so they always get feedback in a timely manner.  Agents can also receive immediate Slack alerts on their most critical unanswered calls like high-intent sales calls or calls originating from a “book appointment” page that weren’t answered by an agent. Alerts contain a call-back number for rapid response and a link to the call detail record so agents know the nature of the call before following up. 
  • Tealium - Invoca for Tealium AudienceStream connects Tealium online customer data and Invoca offline call data to improve the caller experience with Tealium behavioral data and enrich Tealium customer profiles with Invoca call data.
  • Stream data to virtually any platform - Invoca makes bi-directional data delivery to virtually any platform simple by using APIs and webhooks, so the sky’s the limit on how you can use conversation data across your organization. 

UI Designed for Ease of Use

A big barrier to any successful platform rollout and adoption is ease of use. We want to make sure that anyone can be successful with Invoca, so we designed our UI to make it intuitive, easy to navigate, and familiar. Invoca customers on G2 have made us the leader in our category for nearly three years running, and many call out the UI and ease of use in their reviews. 

Since your success is our key objective, we also take a consultative approach to implementation. We will work with you to thoroughly assess your needs and goals, help you implement and integrate your platform, provide training, and continually provide support to make sure you’re getting the most value possible out of Invoca 

Here are just a few quotes from our customers’ G2 reviews:

Invoca helps me as a Quality Assurance Specialist to help improve my rep's performances. I am able to adjust Signals to be able to view different things that are commonly being heard on calls and I am also able to use the scoring for incentives. This also helps that the reps are more trusting of the scores that Invoca produces. It is also very user-friendly. - Danielle W. , Quality Assurance Specialist
Invoca takes the guesswork out of scoring calls. It is user-friendly, allowing you to make changes on the fly as you grow. When you remove the person and insert the "machine," things run smoother. There is no longer a person to blame for low scores or bad calls. - Thomas P., Call Center Manager
The platform is easy to use and understand. The client success team is terrific. I was impressed by the training and onboarding process as well, which was thorough and well-structured. The Invoca team takes the time to ensure their clients understand the platform and all its power. - User in Hospitals and Healthcare

Pre-Built Call Scorecards and Industry-Specific AI Signals

Industry benchmarks show that less than 5% of recorded calls are reviewed for coaching, so it’s no mystery why agent turnover has climbed to over 30%—they’re not getting the objective coaching they need to be successful. You need the ability to QA and score 100% of your calls, and Invoca makes it easy to automate your QA with pre-built call scorecards and industry-specific AI Signals.

In the past — and with other platforms — you spend a bit of time training AI Signals to identify important moments during customer calls and setting up scorecards to grade all of your agents’ conversations. Invoca significantly shortens the time-to-value with pre-built scorecards and industry Signals that are based on our analysis of hundreds of thousands of customer calls. Pre-built scorecards include templates to score calls on asking for sale, call etiquette, information gathering, and a combination scorecard template for scoring overall performance. Each scorecard comes with AI Signals set up so you can start listening for the right keyphrases right out of the box.

Since every industry is different, Invoca also includes an expansive library of over 200 keyword spotting Signals spanning 11 industries including healthcare, automotive, telecommunications, home services, insurance and more. These intent-based Signals allow you to start realizing the value of conversation intelligence on day one.

Easy-to-Manage Call Routing

When the buyer journey moves from online to the phone, Invoca’s intent-based call routing can connect the caller to the right place every time, even across multiple call centers or local branches. For example, if callers come from specialty product pages that require more expertise, Invoca can route those calls directly to the appropriate salesperson. Or if it’s a customer who’s trying to cancel service, they can be routed straight to a retention agent to reduce churn.

Conversely, not every call into a contact center requires a live person. Especially given workforce shortages and increasing demand on agents, the Invoca + Five9 integration also provides a value-add to already overwhelmed teams answering phones. Low-value calls asking about parking or store hours can automatically route to the Five9 IVA (Intelligent Virtual Agent), freeing up agent bandwidth and streamlining the customer experience.

Invoca call routing is designed to make it easy for the end-user to set up and maintain without involving IT or a tech vendor—even if you’re routing calls to many business locations or contact centers.

Three Tips for Ensuring a Successful Conversation Intelligence Launch

While we provide many tools and extensive support to make sure your implementation is smooth and successful, there are a few things that you can do internally to make sure you get the maximum value from your conversation intelligence investment as quickly as possible: 

  • Recruit internal champions to help test and internally promote your conversation intelligence initiative. This team should be on board before you begin implementation and stay engaged for the duration. Our customers at Windstream Communications went as far as aligning the contact center with marketing on the initiative to realize a 7x ROI in just eight months. You can read their case study here.

  • Find ways to gamify the insights from conversation intelligence and call QA to build long-term agent engagement with your new scoring and coaching model. Our customers at Moneysolver started out by setting up a leaderboard for the agents with the most perfect call scores. This way nobody felt singled out for low scores, but everyone wanted to get on top of the board — and they doubled their close rate in the contact center. You can read their case study here.

  • Involve your contact center managers and agents in the process to get their buy-in and to help identify issues they regularly face on calls, techniques and scripts that they are seeing success with, and even words and phrases that customers understand best so you can start scoring and coaching agents to be more successful right away. 

Check out the Ultimate Guide to Conversation Intelligence to learn more


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