Five9 and Invoca Connect Digital Journey with the Contact Center to Reimagine CX

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Five9 and Invoca Connect Digital Journey with the Contact Center to Reimagine CX

In order to earn loyalty from today’s consumers, brands must rethink every leg of the customer journey across online and offline channels. Customers demand speed and convenience, but also want personalization and empathy with every interaction. Brands that can’t provide a seamless omnichannel experience risk losing their customers forever — in our 2022 Buyer Experience Report, 67% of consumers said they will stop doing business with a brand after just one bad experience

Invoca’s powerful integration with Five9 enables businesses to provide seamless, personalized experiences for their customers by combining pre-call digital journeys with contact center interactions— all within one platform. Watch this video to learn more about how it works.

Modern Buying Journeys Are Omnichannel

For today’s consumers, the digital buying journey has never been more empowering. Digitally savvy consumers can easily compare products, services, and prices. Deals and promo codes are in plain sight. Transactions are made simpler with convenient forms of payment. But when digital self-service isn’t enough, customers depend on phone calls for more personalized, reassuring human interactions.

A Poor Call Experience Can Make or Break Your Brand’s Reputation

In industries like healthcare, financial services, and automotive where buying journeys are complex, at least 60% of consumers make a phone call before scheduling an appointment or making an important decision. Calling provides them with confidence they can only get from a real person. 

Consumers also expect that the digital journey is connected to the call experience. We found that nearly a quarter of consumers who have never done business with a company before expect that the business knows who they are, why they’re calling, and how they’ve interacted with you online.

This means that agents who answer the phone must have the right tools and information handy to meet customers exactly at this moment. But contact center systems are not always built to streamline the caller journey. Instead, customers cite a long list of reasons they had a poor experience over the phone:

Blending Digital Journeys with Human Interaction for Personalized, Efficient, Effective Customer Experiences

To enable you to meet these expectations, Invoca’s integration with Five9 stitches together online and offline customer experiences in one platform. Real-time omnichannel journey insights become accessible in one place, without disruption to existing systems, all while calls take place.

Callers leave a trail of digital insights

Even before callers reach a contact center agent over the phone, their digital behaviors reveal a lot. Invoca’s conversation intelligence platform tracks the consumer’s entire digital journey, including keyword search terms, ads clicked, and products viewed on the webpage. This data — collectively known as PreCall — tells agents exactly what callers want and how they can help. 

Consumer journey data from inbound calls is captured and exposes customer intent.

All of this data is automatically exposed in Five9, in real time, when the call is connected to the agent. This gives agents the context they need to provide a personalized, empathetic, and efficient experience for the customer.  Here are just a few of the ways that Invoca and Five9 can improve the customer experience:

  • Agents can greet inbound callers with a personalized message to acknowledge why customers are calling and get right to the point (e.g. “Hello. I see you are calling about ‘high speed internet’ today.”)
  • Segment existing customers from new ones to reduce transfers, decrease call handling times, and provide a better experience for every caller (e.g. “We appreciate your business as a loyal customer.”)
  • Pinpoint exactly where friction occurred and immediately offer a solution (e.g. “I see you were having trouble with the promo code. I can help you finish this transaction.”)
Invoca PreCall data populates in Five9, giving customer context for the conversation, in real time.

Intelligently route calls based on digital intent

PreCall journey data from Invoca also informs how calls are routed. For example, if callers come from specialty product pages that require more expertise, Invoca can route those calls directly to the appropriate salesperson. Or if it’s a customer who’s trying to cancel service, they can be routed straight to a retention agent to reduce churn. Think of how much time is saved in unnecessary transfers or hold times when the right person answers the call at the right time.

Conversely, not every call into a contact center requires a live person. Especially given workforce shortages and increasing demand on agents, the Invoca + Five9 integration provides a value-add to already overwhelmed teams answering phones. Low-value calls asking about parking or store hours can automatically route to the Five9 IVA (Intelligent Virtual Agent), freeing up agent bandwidth and streamlining the customer experience.

Shared insights lead to a unified view of the customer experience

The best way to optimize the entire customer experience is to share visibility of the insights collected across teams and departments. Agent disposition, keypresses, and IVA paths automatically feed back into Invoca for a more unified view into the customer journey. Marketing teams, customer experience leaders, and contact center managers can use this to make smarter, more data-driven decisions across teams. 

Revenue Growth from Reimagined CX

When you can break down siloes and unify customer experience data, more teams can work together to meet a common goal — delighting every single customer. With Invoca and Five9, the entire organization can work in concert to convert more customers, drive more revenue, and provide top-notch experiences.

Learn how Invoca + Five9 enables you to provide amazing customer experiences that drives customer loyalty and increases lifetime value.

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