How Performance Marketing Agencies Increase Conversion Rates by Driving Phone Calls

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How Performance Marketing Agencies Increase Conversion Rates by Driving Phone Calls

The world of performance marketing is dependent on getting fast and quality results. Key performance indicators (KPIs) are focused on driving conversions like leads, sign-ups, quotes, estimates, and, of course, sales. Because clients only pay for what they get, performance marketers are diligent in making optimizations to campaigns to continuously improve results.

Agencies with clients in the healthcare, insurance, financial services, and other considered purchase industries, are focused on driving inbound phone calls. With calls converting at 10x the rate of clicks, performance marketers are incentivized to pay special attention to the caller’s journey — and make sure customers are connected with the right agent at the right time.

A focus on driving calls also means agencies must reach this audience at the right time in the customer journey, and serve up advertisements with a click-to-call option. Sounds like a big task? It can be if performance marketers don’t have access to the right tools.

Performance marketing agencies focused on driving conversions over the phone often choose to invest in a call tracking and analytics platform. Instead of waiting for weeks to get call outcome data from their clients — which comes too late to make optimizations and may not be accurate —  the agency can check on results on their own call analytics platform. That way, the agencies have real-time insights that allow them to make changes that boost results, and even provide call data to their clients that they might not otherwise have access to.

This all sounds great, but does it actually work? Short answer: yes. Here are three performance agencies using phone calls and Invoca to drive results:

CallEngine: 360% Increase in Sales for a Single Advertiser

Since part of CallEngine’s core business is driving high-intent callers to advertisers, it tracks and measures call conversions. Looking at all sales channels, both online and offline, the agency is able to make changes to campaigns based on performance. CallEngine also feeds call data to its internal Google, Facebook, and Media Buy teams so they can optimize targeting, create mirror audiences, and reach the right audience.

By understanding phone call performance, CallEngine is able to fine-tune its IVR processes to better filter calls. The agency can route the right callers to the right destination in real-time, improving the customer experience. These optimizations help CallEngine route the best callers to its clients — resulting in sales increases up to 360% for advertisers.

See the full CallEngine case study.

Visiqua: 60% Increase in Conversion Rates With Pay-Per-Call

Visiqua uses phone calls to accelerate customer acquisition by connecting callers to clients at the right time in the purchase path. Because many of Visiqua’s clients are in the considered purchase space (insurance, healthcare, home improvement, etc.), phone calls are a high-converting channel. By optimizing pay-per-call campaigns, the agency achieved a 60% increase in conversion rates.

See the full Visiqua case study.

Rank Media: 1000% Revenue Increase

Rank Media drives calls at the performance level. Working with direct clients to best understand and sell products, the agency makes optimizations to increase revenue. Calls are a significant source of revenue for its large clients in healthcare, financial services, and auto insurance.

The agency closely monitors trends in call performance and makes changes to campaigns accordingly. In just three years of using call tracking and analytics for optimizations, Rank Media increased its revenue by 1000%.

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