Top Contact Center Takeaways from Enterprise Connect 2022

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Top Contact Center Takeaways from Enterprise Connect 2022

Enterprise Connect is one of the premier events for professionals in the enterprise communication and collaboration space. The conference brings together IT decision-makers, vendors, channel partners, analysts, and consultants to talk about today’s hottest contact center trends, like ​​hybrid work, the latest technology tools, and how to provide top-notch experiences.

Whether you missed out on this year’s in-person edition of Enterprise Connect in Orlando, or attended and want to brush up on key takeaways, we’ve got you covered. Our team attended the event and soaked up plenty of insights — as well as the Florida sun. 

Invoca was also honored to present on Enterprise Connect’s Innovation Showcase stage, alongside today’s leading contact center solutions.

Pictured: Invoca's Grant Burchfield and Cathie Frazzini visiting our partners at Five9

Below, I’ve compiled our top takeaways from the event — read on to get the top trends and predictions for the future of the contact center.

1. Cloud-Based Contact Centers Have Become the Norm 

Just a few years back, many of the Enterprise Connect sessions touted the value of migrating contact center operations to the cloud. But in 2022, this topic was barely covered — it has become table stakes. COVID-19 disrupted the way contact centers operate, forcing companies to pivot quickly and adapt to hybrid working environments. 

A conservative estimate is that more than 66% of contact centers have moved at least some of their operations to the cloud. Cloud-based contact centers reduce costs, improve efficiency, and make hybrid work easier. If you haven’t migrated to a cloud-based infrastructure, you may have a hard time providing the hybrid working environment employees have come to expect.

2. Today’s Consumers Expect Personalized Contact Center Experiences

In the past, companies focused the majority of their personalization efforts on the online experience. But this no longer satisfies the needs of today’s consumers — they expect personalization across every channel, including when they call.

Contact center managers can’t ignore the data: 80% of consumers are more likely to buy from companies that provide tailored experiences. Companies that embrace contact center personalization will have a substantial advantage in the market. 

One of the most powerful ways contact centers are leveraging personalization is by arming their agents with pre-call data, such as the caller’s name and location, as well as information about the marketing source they’re calling from. Invoca’s Five9 integration gives agents this information in the form of a screen-pop or whisper message so they can proactively pull up relevant information and tailor the conversation to the caller’s unique needs.  

3. CX and Marketing Teams Are More Involved in the Contact Center Experience

Since today’s consumer expects personalization across all channels — including over the phone — companies have had to reimagine the contact center experience. In the past, the contact center experience existed in a silo. But now, for many organizations, it falls under the jurisdiction of CX or marketing teams, who are responsible for delivering a seamless end-to-end journey.  

Companies are beginning to see the contact center not as a cost center, but as a revenue driver and an opportunity to build customer loyalty. Each call to the contact center contains a treasure trove of data about who the caller is and how to make them happy. When CX and marketing teams capture these insights in a CRM, they can create richer customer profiles. In turn, they can deliver more personalized experiences and better satisfy customer needs.

4. More Contact Centers Are Using Conversational AI

The age of the machine has begun. We don’t mean that in an ominous, Terminator-y kind of way — the reality is that more contact centers than ever are using conversational AI to improve contact center efficiency. 

What are the advantages of using artificial intelligence in the contact center? With a solution like AI-powered conversation intelligence, you can automatically QA 100% of your inbound phone calls, rather than having your team score a small sample of them. This saves you time and gives you a complete and objective view of how your contact center agents are performing. In addition, the solution automatically identifies their areas for improvement and coachable moments.

But, as several Enterprise Connect panelists warned, just because a company slapped the name “AI” on their solution doesn’t make it so. There is a lot of buzz in the market about AI, but not all solutions deliver what they promise. Make sure you do your due diligence before you pull the trigger on an artificial intelligence solution for your contact center. Invoca was named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Conversation Intelligence: Sales And Marketing, Q4 2021 report, and they stated that "Invoca is one of the few established conversation intelligence vendors that can legitimately claim AI capabilities." So you know it’s more than a buzzword here!

Want to learn more about how Invoca conversation intelligence can help you deliver better contact center experiences? Check out these resources:

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