How Invoca Works with Your Contact Center Tech Stack to Empower Agent Success

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How Invoca Works with Your Contact Center Tech Stack to Empower Agent Success

You can’t see the Great Wall of China from space. Humans have more than five senses (​​there are at least nine). Salting your pasta water will not make it boil more quickly. 

Wait, what? Those are all common misconceptions that most people believe to be true, but what does this have to do with Invoca conversation intelligence and your contact center? 

While the speed of pasta water boiling has no direct impact on conversation intelligence , there are some misconceptions surrounding how conversation intelligence works in the contact center. Particularly, the misconception that to realize the benefits of conversation intelligence, you have to integrate it across your tech stack. Which sounds about as fun as watching water boil. 

So let’s get to the bottom of this and see how to ignite agent performance with conversation intelligence and how it all works with your contact center tech.

Poor Call Handling is Hurting Your Conversion Rate

Inefficient call handling is frequently caused by calls being routed to the wrong agent, department, or business location. Customer service-related issues get routed to sales agents. Prospects ready to purchase get sent to customer support. High-value customers get a random agent instead of the specialized treatment they deserve and expect. 

This results in a traffic jam of calls and agents who are left to figure out where to route them instead of closing sales. It tests the patience of the service and salespeople and results in long hold times that will drive customers to the competition.

And hold times are a real revenue-killer: Invoca research shows that 74% of callers have hung up after being placed on hold. A message that alerts callers to longer hold times seems polite, but 75% of those who hear it hang up, too. 

Smarter Call Routing Delivers Higher Agent Effectiveness

So how can you stop the insanity? Invoca’s cloud-based IVR and trackable dynamic phone numbers, neither of which require a tech integration with your contact center to reap the big benefits. 

The easiest way to efficiently route callers and keep your agents from being bogged down handling transfers is through the Invoca customizable IVR. It’s a simple, code-free setup that delivers a big bang. Simple options like, “Press 1 to speak to Sales or press 2 to speak to Customer Support” can dramatically reduce the caller traffic jam and the long hold times that accompany it. This is just the beginning. You can read more about the seven big ways the Invoca IVR can deliver rewards to marketing, sales and support teams here

The second, “no integration required” way that Invoca can supercharge agent performance and customer experience is through our dynamically-inserted, trackable phone numbers. Invoca’s conversation intelligence is powered by a website tag that captures dozens of privacy-friendly data points as consumers search for and explore your website. It’s also easy to deploy with your tag management system. 

Then, when a consumer decides to pick up the phone and call your business, all of that rich buyer journey data is captured by Invoca and can be used to dynamically route the call to the right agent at the right time. 

By placing trackable Invoca numbers on specific points along the buyer experience, you can deliver better customer experiences and that lead to higher conversions. And much happier callers and agents. 

Take for example the image above: an Invoca number on the product page can drive those high-intent shoppers directly to agents who are product experts that turn customer questions into conversions and upsells. Callers who pick up the phone while in the midst of purchasing online can be routed directly to agents who can best assist in the buying process. And any customer-facing pages like the help center can have numbers that route those callers immediately to customer support. 

One use case that many of our customers employ is to place an Invoca phone number on the “cancel service” webpage that routes those callers directly to specially-trained retention agents. Boom, reduced churn! Read more about how call routing increases profitability here.

Up Your Game with a Contact Center Integration

If you’re ready to build on the aforementioned rewards you can integrate Invoca conversation intelligence with Five9 (or similar) contact center solutions. The result is a higher level of data that improves agent performance and enhances marketing attribution data to help them drive more high-quality calls. 

Specifically, the Five9 integration enables you to capture the referral source, unique identifiers, and rich demographic data for your callers and use this information to:

  • Identify whether or not the caller is a new or existing customer
  • Create a new customer record in Five9 if an existing customer is not found
  • Automate caller data entry in the customer record
  • Show the best agent script based on the marketing channel or source that referred the caller
  • Record the correct attribution data for new leads to later optimize your marketing spend

With or without a contact center integration, adding conversation intelligence to your arsenal can greatly improve the call center’s ability to convert callers. 

Now let’s shift gears from benefits realized at the time of the call to how you can improve and automate your agent coaching processes with Invoca.

More Agent Coaching = More Deals Closing

Most sales leaders know that 1:1 coaching is a highly effective way to boost agent performance. It’s always on the to-do list, but the list is invariably too long and full of meetings and reports that were due yesterday. In the Hunger Games of what gets done each week, coaching somehow manages to get pushed to the bottom. 

Perhaps a little inspiration is in order. Put simply: the more you coach, the more you’ll close. According to Sales Readiness Group, managers at high-impact sales organizations where agents achieve 75% or more of their quotas spend 20% or more of their time coaching.

Here’s how Invoca makes expanded 1:1 coaching a scalable habit rather than a hit and miss rarity. 

  • Objectively & automatically analyze 100% of your sales calls
  • Customizable call scoring to track what matters most to your business (e.g. script compliance, promos mentioned, sales, appointments set, etc.)
  • Visual, customizable dashboards and reports
  • Automated, agent-accessible scorecards that are available right when the call ends 

Just like with call routing, this data can be incorporated into the Invoca platform via a tech integration like Five9 or alternatively through a Signal data file upload. 

Get a Clear Picture of Agent Performance

Scorecards give sales leaders transparency into the agent performance on every call as measured against the criteria they set. For example, in businesses where compliance is critical, you can set up a scorecard specifically to measure this and use the top-scoring calls as training models to lift up agents at risk for costing the business in penalties and fines. 

Of course the most common example is a conversion scorecard to measure overall close rate by agent. Again, by amplifying the performance of top agents you can lift up the rest of the team to hit that 75% percent quota achievement milestone. 

One big perk to these automated scorecards is that the call scoring is objective, based solely on Signal data rather than by humans who are listening to a fraction of calls and then extrapolating an agent’s overall performance. 

Data to Drive Call Center Revenue and Efficiency

It’s up to each business whether or not to integrate Invoca with their contact center solution or send their agent-level data via a simple file upload. While the file upload method requires you to upload the data after the fact, you still have the same data visualization and scorecard capabilities. The good news is, the process for the upload is self-service and easy to execute in Invoca. 

In fact, during a recent Invoca Summit session detailing their success with the process, Taylor Pawley from Rick’s Custom Fencing and Decking said, “It’s a very simple process. In fact, this morning I did it in about 8 minutes!” You can hear her story as well as how Kinetic by Windstream used Invoca automated call QA to increase revenue per sales call by a whopping 40% in their Invoca Summit session, “The Data-Driven Approach to Improving Sales Agent Performance.” 

How to Get Started with Invoca Automated Call QA

Schedule a personalized demo to see how it works. If you’re a current Invoca customer who would like to discuss a contact center integration or the Invoca automated call QA solution, your customer success manager can help! 

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