7 Ways to Boost Facebook and Instagram ROAS With Data From Phone Conversations

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7 Ways to Boost Facebook and Instagram ROAS With Data From Phone Conversations

Do you run Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns to generate conversions and revenue? Most businesses do. According to eMarketer, US advertisers spend more on Facebook and Instagram together than any other digital channel except Google Ads. And that spend continues to rise, increasing from around $30 billion in 2019 to $50 billion in 2023, and forecasted to exceed $55 billion in 2024. 

As spend grows on Facebook and Instagram, so does the competition for conversions and customers. Advertisers need the right optimization strategies to compete and win on Facebook and Instagram, just like they do with Google Ads. Fundamentally it comes down to two things:

  1. You need to target the right audience with the right message at the right time for the right price. 
  2. You need the right data to do it. 

Data is the biggest competitive advantage for advertisers on Facebook and Instagram. And no data is more valuable than the proprietary data contained in the phone conversations consumers have with your business. You just need to unlock and activate it with Invoca’s AI

This blog highlights the types of data available from phone conversations and 7 ways you can use it to boost Facebook and Instagram ad conversions,  ROAS, and revenue. 

Phone Conversations With Your Business Are Your Most Valuable Marketing Data

Phone calls to businesses are one of the richest sources of marketing insights. Each conversation contains a wealth of data on the caller’s intent, product or service interest, and where they are in the customer journey when the call concludes. They also contain detailed insights into the caller’s pain points, needs, preferences, concerns, qualifications, eligibility, and more. 

This data comes straight from the consumer’s mouth, so it’s accurate. Plus, it comes from conversations they have directly with your business, so it’s proprietary — your competitors don’t have access to that data, making it a big competitive advantage. It’s also first-party data, so works in our more privacy-friendly world where third-party data is no longer available. You just need the right AI to capture it at scale. 

That’s where Invoca comes in. The AI and machine learning technology in Invoca’s conversation intelligence AI platform transcribes every call and unlocks a wealth of actionable insights from conversations. That data can be activated in real time in your marketing platforms like Meta Ads Manager, visualized in Invoca reports, and used with Invoca smart alerts to drive the right actions to improve your results. Let’s look at some of those ways. 

7 Ways to Use Call Data to Boost Facebook and Instagram Ad ROAS

1. Measure the value of phone calls driven by your Facebook and Instagram ads

You can’t improve what you don’t measure. That’s why the first step for improving the performance of your Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns is to measure the value of the phone calls they generate.  

Phone calls from social media ads generate valuable conversions for businesses in industries like automotive, healthcare, financial services, insurance, home services, telecom, and travel. Calls not only convert at higher rates than website forms, they drive more revenue, too. 

Invoca tracks how many calls your ads are driving, if those calls are quality leads, the product and service they are interested in, and if the call resulted in a conversion. You can see which ads are driving the most value, the role calls from Facebook and Instagram ads play in your customer journey, and how that compares to other channels like paid search, display, SEO, and email. You can use this data to prove your impact on business results, defend your spend to skeptics, and make better strategic decisions to improve performance over time. 

Sample Invoca report on calls from marketing channels

2. Optimize bid strategy for the Facebook and Instagram ads driving the most valuable calls

Meta offers advertisers three types of bidding: spend-based, goal-based, and manual. The strategy you choose will depend on your objectives (driving awareness vs. engagement, driving conversion volume vs. conversion value) and whether or not you want Meta to do the bidding for you. 

Regardless of the strategies you use, if you want your conversions and ROAS to soar, you’ll want to pass call value data from Invoca’s AI to Meta Ads Manager to improve ad delivery optimizations. If Meta (and you) know the volume and value of the calls your ads are driving, it (or you) can use that call data along with your web form data to optimize spend to increase conversions and ROAS, drive more customers and revenue, and reduce CPA.

Invoca passes call value data into Meta Ads Manager to improve bidding

3. Improve audience targeting with caller intent and conversation outcome data

Targeting the right audience with the right ad is key to success on Facebook and Instagram. Invoca’s AI tells you if callers from any of your channels are leads, the product or service they are interested in, and if they converted on the call. You can use that data to inform and improve audience targeting across Meta. For example:

  • For phone leads who didn’t convert: Retarget them with ads for the product/service they called about. 
  • For callers who converted: Put them into the most relevant upsell or cross-sell ad campaigns. You can also add them to lookalike campaigns to target new consumers resembling your best leads.
  • For callers that aren’t leads or already converted over the phone: Reduce costs by suppressing them from seeing ads that aren’t relevant.
Use Invoca’s AI to improve Facebook and Instagram audience targeting 

It’s a strategy that’s working well for Rogers, a leading Canadian telecom provider. Rogers uses Invoca’s AI to identify callers who made a purchase and feeds those audiences into Meta Ads Manager to show their ads to lookalikes with a high probability of purchasing. And if someone calls who isn’t a sales lead — such as when customers call for tech support or a billing inquiry — they’re suppressed from seeing future sales-focused ads. This strategy is helping Rogers increase conversions and revenue from Facebook while reducing wasted ad spend. 

4. Use consumer insights from phone conversations to improve ad messaging 

One of the benefits of advertising on Facebook and Instagram are the ad formats. With their mixture of imagery and text, you have many options for showing off different aspects of your products and services to different audiences to drive conversions. 

But are you focusing on the right features and topics in your messaging, or are there others that would drive better engagement? Marketers can use Invoca’s AI to tap into phone conversations to better understand their audiences, measure how different messaging is resonating, and learn new topics to focus on to improve it. 

Invoca’s machine learning automatically analyzes every conversation, visualizing common subjects and related topics discussed across tens of thousands of calls. It makes it easy to see what product and service features callers are asking about, how often, and if those topics resulted in a converted call. Using those insights, you can make your ad and website messaging more effective by highlighting the right features to the right audiences.

Invoca’s AI visualizes topics discussed across thousands of calls for easy review

5. Fix website issues causing consumers to call

If one of the goals of your Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns is to have consumers convert online, your call data can help you identify when they aren’t and why. Invoca attributes every caller to their individual web session and uses AI to analyze their conversation, identifying where consumers are exiting your website and calling for human assistance. 

By analyzing those conversations, you can learn why visitors from your Facebook and Instagram ads leave your site and call. Is there an issue with one of your website forms you need to correct? Are callers asking about topics you haven’t addressed on your landing pages and website content? Fixing web form issues and addressing content gaps will help you reduce unnecessary calls, increase online conversions, and reduce acquisition costs. 

6. Detect caller experience issues costing you conversions 

No matter how well your Facebook and Instagram ads drive phone leads, your results still suffer when your contact centers and locations don’t convert them. You can use Invoca reports to detect when call experience issues are hurting your marketing results. 

Sample Invoca report on call handling by business location

You can see the number of total calls each of your marketing sources send to each location or contact center, how many of those calls were answered, the name of the agent that handled the call, how many calls were leads, and how many were successfully converted during the call. If you see certain locations or agents are underperforming, you can review their call recordings and transcripts to learn the cause and notify their manager to help correct the issue and improve your results. 

7. Get alerts on caller sentiment for Facebook and Instagram ads

When callers with negative sentiment spike from your Facebook or Instagram ads, that’s a serious red flag — and you need to know about it immediately. 

Invoca tracks the marketing source and digital interactions that drive every call and uses AI to measure the sentiment of both the caller and agent separately, including how it changes throughout the conversation. Invoca can send alerts when the number of calls with negative caller sentiment spikes from your Facebook and Instagram ads so you can review summaries and transcripts of those conversations to learn the cause and the best way to fix it. 

For example, you may discover a high volume of callers are expressing frustration that your new promotional offer doesn’t apply to current customers — something you didn’t take into account in your ad targeting and landing page copy. Correcting these issues quickly helps reduce customer frustration, deflect unnecessary calls, and increase conversions.

Invoca’s AI provides actionable insights on caller and agent sentiment

Next Steps to Boosting Facebook and Instagram Ad Conversions and ROAS

Advertising on Facebook and Instagram is extremely competitive — you need the right data-driven strategies and messaging to succeed. Invoca’s AI unlocks unique insights from phone conversations with your business you can use to boost Facebook and Instagram conversions, ROAS, and revenue. You can learn more about Invoca’ solution for marketers or request a personal walkthrough of the Invoca platform from one of our experts.  

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