10 Marketing Insights Hiding in Your Call Analytics

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10 Marketing Insights Hiding in Your Call Analytics

Call tracking and analytics is not just about phone calls. The beauty of call analytics is that it reveals insights about your customers, their path to purchase, and how well your marketing is performing.

Do you want to know which landing pages drive the most (online and offline) conversions? Curious about which paid search keywords can be attributed to the highest quality phone calls? Or do you need to bridge the online-offline gap in the customer journey? AI-powered call tracking and analytics can help you do all that and reveal things about your customers you never would know.

Here are 10 things phone calls could be telling you about your marketing:

1. Which Keywords Resonate with your Audience

Without even logging into your Google Ads dashboard, you probably already know which keywords are generating the most clicks and conversions. But phone calls can actually show you how your paid search keywords are performing in terms of online and offline conversions. Call analytics also reveal the types of calls generated from your paid search efforts. For example, you can see which keywords drive customer service calls and which keywords result in new customers. With this information, you know exactly how to optimize your bids to get the conversions moist likely to turn into a sale.

2. How Well your Ads/Campaigns/Channels are Working

By only tracking clicks and online conversions, you’re not getting a full picture of your marketing performance. By looking at call analytics, you can see exactly how your efforts are driving conversions and sales online and offline. And for companies that conduct any business over the phone, call analytics are the key to accurately measuring marketing ROI.

3. It’s More Profitable to Optimize for Calls

Here’s the thing: calls are worth far more than clicks. Call analytics not only reveal what marketing sources drive calls, they also show what happens on those calls and how they contribute to the bottom line. You may find that just 10 calls generate the same revenue as 50 digital leads because calls convert at a much higher rate. This information alone can help you adjust your strategies and budgets to focus on your most valuable traffic.

4. How to Optimize your Landing Pages to Drive More Revenue

When A/B testing and optimizing landing pages, we’re usually focused on maximizing our clicks. But those optimizations could actually have a negative impact on revenue if you’re not also considering offline conversions. To make sure you’re driving more sales and revenue, you need to track click conversions, call conversions, and the resulting revenue. You may find that optimizing landing pages to drive calls may actually result in greater revenue.

5. What Demographics you Should Target

Call analytics help you understand the types of prospects who are most likely to convert. Each phone call comes with a wealth of information about your customers. For example, you can gather demographic information like gender, household income, and geographic location. You can then use these insights to improve your ad targeting to reach demographic groups that are most likely to convert.

6. When to Serve your Ads

By looking at weekly and daily call trends in your inbound call traffic, you can improve your ad scheduling. For example, Mondays receive the highest call volume, with 55% more calls than the lowest volume day, Sunday, and consumers make the most calls from 11:00am to 11:59am, according to Invoca's Call Intelligence Index. Once you know the days and times you have the highest call volumes, you can make sure not to serve ads when people are less likely to call or when your call center is closed.

7. Who your Most Valuable Prospects Are

Just tracking clicks or calls isn’t enough. You have to know if those clicks/calls ever turn into actual revenue. If you’re generating tons of clicks and calls, but they don’t turn into conversions, they’re not doing you any good. In fact, they’re probably draining your resources. Call analytics can help you track the entire customer journey so you know exactly who your most valuable prospects are. So instead of just driving clicks and calls, you’re actually generating sales.

8. How to Hone your Messaging

Call tracking and analytics data can be used to discover what’s important to your audience. You can analyze conversations to see if there are frequently asked questions, if prospects often complain about price, or if/how often your competitors are mentioned. You can then use language from actual customer conversations to improve your ad language, landing page copy, and overall messaging of your marketing campaigns.

9. How to Fix Problems in your Call Center

Up to this point, you’ve been relying on digital tools, but once phone calls enter the equation, you open yourself up to human error. So even if your online efforts are on point, you could be losing prospects once you get them on the phone. But you can use call analytics to reveal problems in your call center you may not currently be aware of.

For example, you may discover long hold times or issues with your sales agents’ scripts that result in lost sales. And once you’re aware of a problem, it’s much easier to implement a solution and create happier customers.

10. How to Improve the Caller Experience

Do your call analytics show prospects dropping off the call while they’re still in the IVR (interactive voice response)? Do you notice calls are consistently routed to the wrong place? Or are callers spending too much time explaining who they are, why they called, and what product they are interested in? All of this information can be used to streamline your caller experience. For example, you may find you need to shorten your phone menu, make the language in your prompts clearer, or automate your call routing and filtering so your callers get to the right destination faster.

Who knew that call tracking and analytics could tell you so much about your online and offline marketing efforts? If you’re finding that some of your marketing tactics aren’t creating the results you want, it may be time to take a closer look at your call analytics and see what insights you can find.

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