Why a Personalized Caller Experience Matters to Marketers

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Why a Personalized Caller Experience Matters to Marketers

You probably know that call tracking and analytics platforms help marketers attribute phone calls to digital advertising. You’ve may have also figured out that you can use call analytics data to optimize your marketing. These are critical uses for marketers, but did you know that call tracking platforms can also be used to personalize the caller experience? Before you hang up on this post because that seems like something that the call center folks should be worried about, first think about how caller experience can affect marketers, too.

Why a Personalized Caller Experience Matters to Marketers

So you’ve nailed down all of the right keywords, optimized your spending, and dialed in your audiences. You know that you’ve been successful at getting the phones ringing, but there’s a problem—conversion rates are unusually low. How can that be when it’s obvious that you’re getting more high-intent customers on the phone? Are the call center reps going off script or being jerks? Probably not. The call center might be experiencing some problems that are out of their control.

When the caller has a poor experience before they can even talk to anyone, conversion rates go down and that makes your marketing efforts less effective. But the right call tracking and analytics platform can also address these issues.

Creating a Frictionless, Personalized Customer Journey

Since your customers are jumping across channels from online to phone, it’s critical that the call center knows where they have been, who they are, and why they are calling. Without this information, friction is increased because the call center has to deal with:

  • An incomplete view of caller information
  • Lack of context
  • Calls being routed to the wrong place
  • Frustrated callers

With Invoca, the call center can retrieve real-time insights about a caller, including their previous engagement history as well as the keyword and ad campaign that drove the call. This data can be used to automatically route and filter calls so callers are sent to the person or department that can best help them without sending them through the phone tree.

With this information in hand, call center reps can more efficiently and effectively work with the customer to make a sale. For example, if a customer has an item in their shopping cart and calls before completing the purchase, they can be routed directly to an agent who knows what they have in their cart and why they are calling. DISH Network, for example, found that many of its online shoppers were abandoning their carts when it came time to provide private information like social security numbers. To make sure it could convert these customers, it used Invoca to seamlessly direct cart abandoners to a call center experience specially tailored to their needs.

By setting up a few rules in the Invoca call routing logic, calls are automatically routed to the correct department based on the customer’s product interest, and support calls are sent to customer service. Invoca can also provide call center reps with a whisper message (a short system-generated audio clip played to the call center agent) before connecting to the caller to provide even more information about the nature of the call.

All of this put together makes for a frictionless customer journey. All along the way, the caller feels like you know what they need and know who they are, so they leave as a happy customer and you see better conversion rates.

The Results of a Personalized Call Experience

By smoothing out the journey, the customer is focused on making a purchase instead of on their frustration with the experience. If you have ever been kicked around from department to department while on the phone, you know how frustrating it can be — every transfer increases the likelihood that you hang up. Automatically routing callers to the right places increases call center efficiency, which means that sales associates can answer far more phone calls.

What does this all mean to you? More calls answered means more chances for conversions to happen. Increased call duration means higher quality conversations with high-intent customers, which, again, leads to more conversions attributed to your digital marketing efforts.

With real-time insights about the context of the call and the caller, coupled with intelligent call routing, our customers have seen 10x increases (or more) in conversion rates. This proves that caller experience not only depends on marketing, it makes a big impact on your success.

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