4 Clues to Solve Your Marketing Data Mystery

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4 Clues to Solve Your Marketing Data Mystery

In a recent survey, three-quarters of marketers said their budgets are under increased scrutiny due to the economic headwinds. You’ve probably felt the pressure mounting in your organization as well. Now, more than ever, it’s critical for you to prove your impact on revenue generation so you can prevent your budget from getting slashed. 

But whether you know it or not, you may be missing the data you need to defend your spend and get more from every budget dollar. Without the ability to track marketing conversions that happen on the phone, the outcomes of your efforts—and the key to reducing wasted marketing spend on ineffective campaigns—will remain a mystery. 

Finding your missing call data can feel like a true conundrum, a puzzling case worthy of Benoit Blanc, the world’s most reknowned detective. I regret to inform you that Mr. Blanc is, in fact, fictional—but we have the next best thing: conversation intelligence. Our solution uses artificial intelligence to give you attribution for all of the phone leads your campaigns drive, helping you crack the case and prove your results beyond a reasonable doubt. It also allows you to reduce wasted ad spend, bring down your CPA, and make a compelling case for more marketing budget. 

The one thing Invoca can’t do? Pull off this fit: 

Keep reading to learn 4 clues that you can uncover with Invoca to help you solve your marketing data mystery. 

4 Clues You Can Uncover with Invoca to Solve Your Marketing Data Mystery

Clue 1: Discover the Phone Calls Driven by Each Marketing Campaign

Phone calls are make-or-break moments in the buying journey — they’re where your customers reach out to make purchases, schedule appointments, get questions answered, and forge authentic human connections. Therefore, it’s critical that you’re able to track and optimize for phone leads the same way you do for online conversions. 

With Invoca, you can uncover the phone calls your campaigns, ads, keywords, and landing pages drive. And not only does Invoca track call quantity — it also tracks call quality, so you can understand how many calls are resulting in conversions and revenue. 

This allows you to make smarter optimizations, present your full ROI to leadership, and build a stronger case for more marketing budget. 

Clue 2: Determine If You’re Wasting Marketing Spend on Red Herrings

If you’re not tracking the phone call conversions your campaigns drive, you’re hampering your ability to make optimization decisions. For example, you may believe a campaign is underperforming when it shows a low web conversion rate, but perhaps it’s driving more phone call conversions — and higher value sales — than your other campaigns. You could be turning off your highest-value campaigns without even knowing it!

When you know what’s driving conversions over the phone, you can make data-based decisions on where to put your money. For example, you can target more cost-effective keywords and ad placements and make sure that your campaigns aren’t driving calls that don’t result in sales. 

It’s also possible that you’re wasting your budget remarketing to customers who already purchased from you over the phone. While it’s fairly straightforward to suppress callers who purchased from you online, suppressing callers provers trickier — unless you have Invoca. Our solution allows you to track the outcome of conversations and use that data to inform suppression. This way, if a caller purchases a product or service over the phone, you can suppress them from seeing future ads for it. 

Invoca allows you to double down on what’s driving high-value calls, cut what’s not, and make sure every dollar is driving results for your team.

Clue 3: Deduce the Right Retargeting Strategies to Stretch Your Budget

A strong retargeting strategy is critical to the success of your digital marketing program. It’s much easier to sell to a consumer who is already “warm” than trying to start from scratch with someone who has never heard of your brand. 

But your retargeting strategy is only as good as the data you use to personalize it. According to a recent study, 72% of customers tend to engage only with the personalized content provided by the brands. If you’re blasting consumers over and over again with the same irrelevant ads, you won’t earn their business, you’ll just annoy them — and waste your ad dollars. 

With Invoca, you can retarget callers based on the content of their phone conversations. This enhances personalization and ensures that you’re serving customers with the right ads at the right time. Below are a few common examples of retargeting and suppression strategies marketers use with Invoca:

  • Retarget callers who didn’t make a purchase with ads for the products they mentioned over the phone
  • Retarget callers who bought over the phone with ads for relevant companion purchases
  • Retarget callers who expressed price-sensitivity with ads touting a special discount code
  • Suppress callers who bought over the phone from seeing future ads for that product or service

When you use Invoca to inform your ad targeting, you can supercharge your conversion rates and make the most of your marketing budget.

Clue 4: Investigate If Missed Calls Are Harming Your Conversion Rates

If you’re anything like the average company, you miss about 25% of your inbound phone calls — and you don’t even know it’s happening. Some of those calls are valuable leads that your marketing team drove with digital ads — when no one picks up the phone, that budget is wasted. Reducing your missed calls is a surefire way to close more deals and put money back into your organization’s pocket.

Of course, reducing missed calls is easier said than done. You need the right data and a complete view into the phone call channel — and that’s where Invoca comes in. Invoca Lost Sales Recovery gives you deep insights into your missed calls so that you can diagnose what’s causing them and respond to the lost sales calls that matter most.

For example, Invoca can sort your missed calls by marketing campaign, hour of the day, day of the week, location, region, or line of business. This allows you to understand the root cause of your missed calls and make the right adjustments to reduce them, such as increasing staffing during certain hours, shifting bidding schedules, and improving agent training.

Sample Invoca missed calls report sorted by business location

In addition, Invoca can help you identify the unanswered calls that were most likely to convert. For example, you can isolate callers who pressed “1” to speak to a sales agent or called from high-intent website pages, such as an online shopping cart. This ability to automatically classify and prioritize what calls you need to follow up on will help your agents more efficiently recover lost sales — before your customers dial up a competitor. 

Crack the Case With Invoca Call Tracking

If you’re struggling to track the phone leads driven by your campaigns, Invoca can help you crack the case. With Invoca call attribution, you can close the loop and optimize for call conversions the same way you optimize for online conversions. This allows you to make smarter optimizations, present your full ROI to leadership, and build a stronger case for more marketing budget. 

Watch the short video below to see how it works:

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