See How Much Guessing About Marketing-Driven Calls is Costing You

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See How Much Guessing About Marketing-Driven Calls is Costing You

You’re a data-driven marketer and guessing isn’t even in your vocabulary. Every keyword bid, bit of ad copy, and optimization decision you make is backed by data analytics. You’ve probably got a spreadsheet to track what sandwich drives the best lunchtime results. But for some reason, you’re okay with making assumption about the results of marketing campaigns that drive revenue-generating phone calls. And you know what they say about assumptions, they make your ROAS ass for you and me. 

Okay, they don’t say that (yet, I’m trying to get it to catch on) and you’re not actually okay with guessing about the outcome of calls your marketing budget drives—you might just think you don’t have a choice. If you don’t have a way to get attribution at scale for your call-driving marketing campaigns, guessing seems like the only option. 

In today’s economic environment, though, guessing about any of the revenue you drive is risky business. If you’re making assumptions about call conversions, you’re probably under-reporting how many conversions you drive, over-reporting your CPA, and making bad marketing optimization decisions that waste precious marketing dollars. This puts your budget—and even your job—at risk. 

Try this Marketing Assumption Cost Calculator to see how much guessing about calls is costing you. If and when the numbers surprise (or terrify) you, check out the Ultimate Guide to Conversation Intelligence for Marketers to see how you can get credit for every phone conversion you drive, lower your CPA, drive more revenue, and prove the value of your work with undeniable data. Check it out.

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