New No-Code Integrations and More in the Invoca Winter ‘22 Release

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New No-Code Integrations and More in the Invoca Winter ‘22 Release

One of the principal ways that Invoca differentiates itself from other solutions is the ease and accuracy with which we enable our customers to activate their conversation intelligence. It starts with visualizing your data in Invoca dashboards and reports, and that alone can be trajectory-changing for your business. From there, the magic happens when conversation intelligence is married with your existing digital data to create a comprehensive view of the omnichannel customer journey. Now, where once you once only saw online data in tools like Google Analytics, Facebook, and Salesforce, you also have conversation intelligence data to get a complete and true understanding of your revenue performance.

New No-Code Integrations Make Activation of Conversation Intelligence Even Easier

Our customers often see dramatic results when they activate conversation intelligence across their tech stacks, so we couldn’t be happier to announce a big advancement in the speed and ease that this data activation can now happen with today’s new integration library and no-code integrations launch. 

No-code integrations are exactly how they sound: no code, and no development team intervention needed to implement them. These self-service integrations are live in a few clicks. “With the latest update, we’re helping customers take action on their data within other technology platforms without relying on costly IT support,” said Nathan Ziv, SVP, Product Management at Invoca. 

Over a dozen new no-code integrations are now housed in a brand new integrations library in the Invoca platform that makes viewing, accessing, and activating integrations easier than ever. 

New Invoca No-Code Integration Highlights

  • Google Analytics 4 (GA4): Invoca’s no-code integration with the latest version of Google Analytics ties app data to website data to get a clearer picture of the customer journey across platforms. By adding phone conversion data from Invoca to GA4, Invoca customers can also uncover high-value online actions that lead to sales calls and build high-converting audiences with Google’s Predictive Audiences tool to automatically identify users that are most likely to convert.
  • Facebook Conversions API: The newest integration from Facebook allows Invoca customers to take advantage of increased data capture and send it to Facebook for improved match rate and the ability to create more customized conversions and target audiences. 
  • Slack: This new integration enables customers to receive immediate Slack alerts on their most critical unanswered calls like high-intent sales calls or calls originating from a “book appointment” page that weren’t answered by an agent. Alerts contain a call-back number for rapid response and a link to the call detail record to learn more.
  • Additional new, no-code integrations include: Decibel, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Google Analytics Universal, Google Campaign Manager, Microsoft Advertising, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Salesforce Sales Cloud, Search Ads 360, Snap Ads, and Tealium.

New UI, Enhanced Phrase Spotting, & IVR Voice Recognition Also Released

We didn't stop at the no-code integrations for the winter product release, either! Here are some of the other great new features and improvements that we launched today.

New user interface streamlines popular workflows to modernize the user experience

What’s New?

  • The main navigation has moved to the left side of your screen, which improves screen real estate use and the overall design.
  • The new UI is more equitable and accessible for all users. 
  • A new global settings menu gives you access to all available settings through a single menu. 
  • The settings gear icon is now available on the bottom left corner of the screen. 
  • The account switcher tool makes it easy to switch between profiles and networks, as well as orient yourself within the platform.

Enhanced time-based phrase spotting shows when agents say specific phrases

With the introduction of time-based phrase spotting, we measure timestamps from the start of the caller/agent conversation instead of the start/end time of the call. This means that we’re not including the IVR when measuring “within first sixty seconds” but instead the actual caller and agent conversation. If no interaction is detected within the specified time, the phrase-spotting Signal will be recorded as false.

Why it matters:

  • This new feature will help industries who must follow compliance scripts at the start of each call by measuring agent adherence in scorecards.
  • All industries will benefit from insights into critical agent performance on proper greetings, closings, and promo mentions during specific times in the call.

Interactive voice response (IVR) voice recognition enables callers to interact with Invoca IVR prompts verbally

The benefits to this include a more convenient and hands-free experience for callers, and a more efficient way to provide longer data points like account numbers and phone numbers.

How Can I Use It?

  • Callers can verbally answer questions like, “Which department are you calling?” or “What zip code are you calling from?” for more accurate call routing.
  • Callers can use voice to more quickly and easily identify themselves by stating a customer ID number or calling number.
  • This feature can also be used to capture spoken data like date of birth or a second phone number.

Ready to hear more? Watch the Winter Product Release Webinar on-demand to get the full rundown on all the new features launched today.

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