Invoca Tops the Leaderboard for Enterprise Call Tracking on G2 5 Years Running

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Invoca Tops the Leaderboard for Enterprise Call Tracking on G2 5 Years Running

As Invoca’s VP of Customer Experience & Operations, what matters most to me is what our customers have to say. That’s why our five-year-plus standing as the leader in the G2 Enterprise Grid Report for Inbound Call Tracking is the most important award we can get because it reflects the confidence Invoca customers have in our company and the success we have helped them achieve.

One of our core values at Invoca is to light our customers’ way to success. Everything we do is driven primarily by the success of our customers, and we accomplish this through the right mix of focused listening, guidance, and state-of-the-art technology to help them get the highest value from our partnership. While this recognition is great, what it really does for us is set the bar even higher for what we will achieve and what we will help our customers accomplish in the years to come.

“We’ve had a wonderful experience with Invoca!” Said a digital analyst for an enterprise company. “The most helpful thing about having Invoca as our inbound call tracking platform is our customer success team that we have access to almost all day. Sam and her team are always there to assist us when we have any questions and they're always open to feedback.”

What Makes Invoca the G2 Call Tracking Leader

In addition to being named the Overall Leader in enterprise call tracking, Invoca was named the mid-market leader in the space. We also topped the Enterprise Relationship Index — which is determined by ease of doing business with a company, quality of support, and the likelihood that users will recommend to others — and is the Momentum Leader in the report, determined by a combination of social, web, employee, and review data that G2 has deemed influential in a company’s momentum.

Invoca also has the largest Market Presence and received the highest Satisfaction score among inbound call tracking products. On G2, 94% of users rate Invoca 4 or 5 stars, 92% of users believe the product is headed in the right direction, and users said they would be likely to recommend Invoca at a rate of 90%. In addition, 92% of users are satisfied with the quality of Invoca’s support and 85% are satisfied with the ease to use.  

The G2 Grid report represents the democratic voice of real software users. G2 rates products from the inbound call tracking category algorithmically based on data sourced from product reviews shared by G2 users and data aggregated from online sources and social networks. “Rankings on G2 reports are based on data provided to us by real users,” said Michael Fauscette, chief research officer, G2. “We are excited to share the achievements of the products ranked on our site because they represent the voice of the user and offer terrific insights to potential buyers around the world.”

Below is G2's Spring 2024 Enterprise Grid® for Inbound Call Tracking Software:

Technology buyers can use the Grid to help them quickly select the best products for their businesses and to find peers with similar experiences. For vendors, media, investors, and analysts, the Grid provides benchmarks for product comparison and market trend analysis.

“Invoca has been a valuable resource to help us gain more visibility into the true value of customer phone calls,” said an enterprise G2 user. “Instead of reporting raw call volume only, we are able to match outcomes back to the marketing efforts that generated the calls and help optimize our media to increase efficiency. The Invoca team has provided excellent support and training along the way and are real allies to our business.”

Learn more about Invoca’s call tracking solution here.

Invoca Ranks as an Enterprise Attribution Leader

In G2’s Spring 2024 report, Invoca was named a leader in several different categories, including enterprise attribution

Marketing attribution software is used by companies to determine how actions, events, or touch points during the prospecting and sales processes contribute to the success of their marketing and sales teams. To qualify for inclusion in G2’s Attribution category, a solution must:

  • Track multiple marketing and communication channels (TV, social media, phone, email, digital advertising channels, etc) and capture data on the interactions between the company and its prospects or customers
  • Use multiple attribution models like single touch attribution (when all attribution is assigned to only one event), fractional attribution (to include multiple events in the attribution, with equal or different weights), or algorithmic attribution (which uses data science for advanced attribution criteria and models)
  • Provide dashboards and visualizations for users to understand which activities performed better and why. The analysis should be based on relevant historical data and user-defined key performance indicators
  • Integrate with software solutions used by sales, marketing, or public relations departments, like CRM, email tracking, demand generation, or sales analytics

“Invoca is call tracking on steroids,” said a G2 user in the enterprise healthcare space. “It's so much more than just dynamic phone number tracking or even marketing attribution on calls. Invoca's ability to listen to calls in real time and understand what the caller and agent are saying, and then take those insights and decide if a conversion happened and fire that back to your ads platform is incredible.”

Learn more about Invoca’s attribution capabilities here.

Invoca Named an Enterprise Marketing Analytics Leader

In the new Spring 2024 report, Invoca also ranked as a leader in G2’s enterprise marketing analytics category.

Marketing analytics software encompasses tools and processes which enable an organization to manage, evaluate, and control its marketing efforts by measuring marketing performance. To qualify for inclusion in the Marketing Analytics category, a product must:

  • Collect data on marketing campaigns distributed across a variety of media channels
  • Monitor marketing campaigns and targeted audiences to identify the results
  • Analyze the results and compile data of marketing campaigns
  • Integrate with sales, marketing, and other analytics software through which users can source marketing data
  • Visualize marketing campaign performance via an analytics dashboard or similar visualization

“Invoca is great because it allows for a true omni-channel tracking experience,” said an enterprise technology manager. “It allows us to not just track and connect the customer data across channels, but also improve the customer experience by sending online data to sales agents that can allow them to provide a personalized phone call experience based on online behaviors.”

Learn more about Invoca’s marketing analytics capabilities here.

Download the Spring 2024 G2 Report

To learn more, you can download the Spring 2024 G2 Enterprise Grid Report for Inbound Call Tracking report here.

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