Invoca Adds AI-Driven Agent Voice ID Technology to Its Automated Call Scoring Solution

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Invoca Adds AI-Driven Agent Voice ID Technology to Its Automated Call Scoring Solution

Invoca is excited to announce that we have added new AI-powered voice biometric technology called Agent Voice ID to the Invoca conversation intelligence platform. 

Agent Voice ID analyzes every phone call to and from your contact centers, remote agents, and business locations, using voice energy to identify the specific agent speaking on the call. The agent’s name is captured in Invoca along with the associated call recording, transcript, and call scoring data for reporting and review. 

Agent Voice ID is the easy, automated, and accurate way to view your Invoca data at the agent level — no external integrations or manual processes required. QA, contact center, and location managers get immediate access to the insights they need to measure each agent’s and staff member’s performance, evaluate their strengths and weaknesses, and deliver targeted coaching to improve call conversion rates.  

This blog explains more about Agent Voice ID, including how it works and the value it provides to businesses that acquire customers and patients over the phone and the managers responsible for those experiences.  

Calls Drive Revenue, But Only If Agents Deliver the Right Experience to Convert Them

Phone calls are the most valuable leads for businesses in automotive, healthcare, financial services, insurance, home services, telecommunications, and many other industries. Each month in the U.S. alone, consumers call businesses by the billions to book appointments, place orders, get quotes, and plan visits to their locations. 

Trillions of dollars in revenue hinge on the outcomes of these calls, and those outcomes hinge on the performance of the people answering the phones. Every time a contact center agent or location staff member mishandles a phone lead, the business loses a customer or patient.   

It’s why industry leaders use Invoca to measure and improve call handling performance. Invoca’s AI-driven conversation intelligence platform analyzes 100% of the calls to and from contact centers, remote agents, and business locations, reporting on call outcomes and scoring conversations for the call handling KPIs each business needs to evaluate performance and compliance.  

Sample call scoring data from Invoca

Agent Voice ID Automatically Captures the Name of the Agent on Each Call

Invoca reports on call handling performance across your entire business and can segment that data by region, city, location, department, product or service line, or any other way you want to review it. And now with Agent Voice ID, Invoca can also report on call handling by agent automatically without any external integrations or manual processes. 

How Invoca’s Agent Voice ID Works

Agent Voice ID uses voice energy — the unique characteristics of each agent's voice — to build an AI model of their "voiceprint.” Every time that agent speaks on a call, Invoca analyzes the voice energy, automatically recognizes their voiceprint, and names them as the agent for that call. All analytics and scoring data for the call are associated with the right agent. 

Agent Voice ID is extremely accurate, using an agent’s unique voice energy to identify them with 95% precision on calls. It works on all calls to and from contact centers, remote agents, dealerships, franchisees, and other locations. 

When combined with Invoca’s automated call scoring, Agent Voice ID enables QA, contact center, and location managers to:

  • Score Each Agent’s Performance: View detailed scoring data on every agent’s performance for efficient and accurate evaluations.
  • Filter Call Lists by Agent: View calls handled by specific agents and access their recordings and transcripts for easy review.
  • Detect and Prevent Agent Fraud: Ensure that agents handling calls are really your agents and not an outside contractor.

New Admin Portal Makes It Easy to Onboard and Manage Agents

Invoca makes it easy for you to manage the agent voiceprinting process with the new Agent Voice ID admin portal. The portal allows you to add agents for voiceprinting individually or in bulk, view each agent’s onboarding progress, delete agents, and more. You can control and customize the entire voiceprinting process, from the content of the agent onboarding email to the language used to secure agent consent. 

The admin portal makes it easy to add agents individually or in bulk

The process for onboarding new agents is fast and easy:

  1. You add the agent to the portal, which only requires a name and email address to get started.
  2. Invoca sends them an email with a link back to the portal inviting them to enroll. 
  3. When the agent visits the portal, they are asked to give consent to be voiceprinted and provide a phone number to be called. 
  4. The agent’s phone number gets called, and they are prompted to read a short, 90-second script from the portal. 

And that’s it — the AI creates a voiceprint model for that agent from their audio, and Invoca will start recognizing them on calls. It’s that easy. The onboarding process often takes 5 minutes or less, and it’s set-it-and-forget-it — you only have to run agents through the process once. Voiceprints will continue to work until a manager unenrolls the agent or deletes them entirely from the admin portal. 

Rick’s Custom Fencing & Decking Drives Appointments With Invoca and Agent Voice ID

Rick’s Custom Fencing & Decking is one of the largest retailers of fencing and decking in the Pacific Northwest. About 50% of Rick’s leads come in over the phone, so they use Invoca to get the marketing and sales analytics they need from calls to measure and improve results. 

“Invoca's AI not only measures the intent and outcome of every call, it analyzes the performance of our sales agents for the KPIs we care about,” said Taylor Wick, Director of Marketing at Rick's Custom Fencing & Decking. “And now with Agent Voice ID, Invoca automatically identifies the specific agent on every call by analyzing their voiceprint. The technology is amazing — it's accurate and easy to use. With Invoca, our sales managers can view detailed, real-time reports on each agent's performance, quickly evaluate their strengths and weaknesses, and deliver targeted coaching to drive immediate improvements." Read their success story to learn more.

Next Steps to Get Started With Agent Voice ID

If you are an Invoca customer, contact your customer success manager to get started with Agent Voice ID. If you manage contact center agents or location staff and want to measure and improve call handling, you can read more about Invoca’s automated QA solution or request a personal demo to see Invoca for yourself. 

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