How To Optimize Your Website To Drive Calls In 7 Easy Steps

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How To Optimize Your Website To Drive Calls In 7 Easy Steps

I know you don’t want to be that marketer with the website that turns away potential customers. What if I told you there’s a really easy way to get more conversions from your website and landing pages? The answer lies in the phone.

Yep, your customers want to call, and one of the simplest and most effective ways to boost conversions from your website is to focus on driving calls. In fact, 65% of people prefer to contact a business via a phone call, while only 24% prefer to fill out a form. In other words, optimizing your website to drive phone calls is the low hanging fruit you’ve been looking for.

Check out this checklist to help you get the high-quality phone calls you’ve been missing.

1. Feature a phone number on your homepage.

This one may seem pretty obvious, but you would be surprised at the number of businesses that fail to include a phone number anywhere on their website. How can your web visitors call you if you make it virtually impossible for them to find a phone number? Keep in mind that hiding a phone number in the footer of your website doesn’t count and is a horrible experience for your potential customers. In fact, according to a recent survey, 68% of people will only search for a company's phone number for two minutes or less before moving on to a competitor. So while you're spending all your time optimizing your website for digital conversions, you're annoying and turning away all the people who want to call.

2. Emphasize your phone number on landing pages.

Slapping a phone number on your website isn’t enough. Between your paid search campaigns, social media ads, display ads, and all your other ads, you're probably using a ton of landing pages. Make sure these landing pages prominently feature a phone number. We've found that above the form is a great place and gives your visitors the option to connect how they want.

3. Make sure you use call tracking.

Like all good digital marketers, I am sure you're very data driven and attribution is one of your top priorities. Well, I have great news for you: optimizing your website for call conversions doesn't mean you have to sacrifice visibility or attribution.

With call tracking tools like Invoca, you can capture individual customer journeys with dynamically inserted phone numbers. You'll know exactly which ads, paid search keywords, and webpages led to a phone call. Plus, phone calls come with a ton of demographic data and customer insights you just can't get from an online interaction.

4. Use click-to-call buttons for mobile visitors.

What mobile user is going to memorize or write down your phone number so they can call you? There is an easier way -- click-to-call buttons. With some simple code you can create your very own click-to-call button that takes a mobile web visitor from LP to phone call at the single touch of a button.

With a solution like Invoca, the code will automatically distinguish between a desktop or mobile user so you never have to worry about creating a unique experience for each visitor. With a click-to-call button, you’ll get more of the calls your business wants and your mobile customers will get the optimized experience they expect.

5. A/B test your website to optimize for more high-value phone calls.

If you want phone calls to flood your sales floor or call center, you have to keep testing and improve so you can find the best way to drive the types of calls you want. A/B test your website and landing pages to drive more calls.

There are an almost infinite number of things you can A/B test to optimize for more calls. Try different placements and styles of your phone number or click-to-call button. Work with the overall landing page layout to see what drives more online conversions, phone calls, and ultimately sales. Try different colors, imagery, and more.

Check out the Vivint case study to learn more about A/B testing phone numbers on landing pages.

6. Encourage calls with your copy.

Don't let your copy hold you back from driving the high quality calls you're after. Does your webpage copy encourage phone calls? It should also be obvious what the visitor can expect when they call. Will they get a live quote, personal assistance, or a special discount?

7. Don’t drive calls 24/7

This one probably seems counterintuitive, but if you don’t have a call center that accepts calls 24/7, or an automated phone system that is completely self-service, then don’t actively drive calls when your business is closed. No one wants to make a call just to be met with a voicemail. Tools like Invoca allow you to decide when your phone number is on display so you only get calls when you want.

Are you looking for more tactical tips for optimizing your marketing for phone calls? Get your copy of the Digital Marketer’s Ultimate Guide to Call Intelligence.

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