How to Optimize Digital Customer Experiences with Conversation Intelligence

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How to Optimize Digital Customer Experiences with Conversation Intelligence

It would stand to reason that conversation intelligence platforms are used to create better experiences for customers who call your business. Of course, it is used for this, but the rich data you get from analyzing conversations with your customers can also be used to optimize the online buying experience. From digital marketing to your website, here is how you can use Invoca conversation intelligence to optimize the digital customer experience. 

Understand Your Customers at a Deeper Level

You can do customer surveys and focus groups until you’re blue in the face, but you’re still not getting the whole truth about what your customers really need. According to Customer Thermometer’s research of survey fatigue, only 9% of people take time to answer long surveys thoughtfully and nearly 70% say they have abandoned a survey before finishing it. (I can only assume that they used a survey to gather this information, but that’s beside the point.) 

People frequently complete surveys when they are either supremely stoked or super steamed about a product or service, so you’re likely to see results about the extremes of your customer experience. This is not to say that there’s no value in surveys, according to a report by Microsoft, 89% of consumers want companies to ask them for input. So they obviously want to be heard. But the most honest feedback you can get from your customers is hiding in your contact center.

When a customer calls your business because they had a problem completing a purchase on your website, the only person who hears about it is the contact center representatives. Their rightful mission is to satisfy the needs of the person on the line as quickly as possible, make a sale, and get on to the next call in the queue. Telling customer experience and eCommerce teams about these issues is right there on their priority list with polishing the linoleum in the bathroom. 

It’s not that the call center doesn’t want and need digital issues to be solved, as excess call volume is a big problem that impacts their bottom line. However, the silos that exist between the contact center and revenue-generating business divisions that deal in digital experiences prevent it from happening at scale. Thus, only the most obvious problems get solved and valuable data that can help you understand your customer needs are lost. 

Using conversation intelligence like Invoca can bust those silos open like a rusty old grain elevator in a tornado. Teams in marketing, customer experience, eCommerce, and sales reps themselves can use it to get the data they need to better understand customers in an automated manner without sitting around listening to thousands of phone calls. Here are a few ways that it is accomplished.

Eliminate Friction in the Buying Journey

You likely want customers near the end of the buying journey to call to complete certain expensive or high-stakes purchases and complete research and routine purchases on your website. Optimally, the customer should be able to use their preferred channel and not be forced to do one or the other. One of the best paths to optimizing the digital experience is to understand when and why customers call to complete a purchase instead of doing it online. 

Invoca conversation intelligence can help you understand digital abandonment by tying conversations to individual web sessions to identify exact points where customers exit digital and reach out for human assistance. When you know exactly where customers drop out of the digital experience and call your business, you can then tune the experience to make it easier to complete the purchase online or get them quickly connected with the right contact representative when it’s most likely to be needed. 

Of course, sometimes your intentions are correct but stuff just breaks. By utilizing integrations with digital experience analytics tools like FullStory and Decibel, you can discover exactly where customers encountering frustrating or broken eCommerce flows on your website like an “add to cart” button that doesn’t work, incomplete forms, or CTAs that are hard to find on the page. 

These tools allow you to connect phone calls to full replays of the web experience that drove them, enabling you to spot the stuff that’s broken and optimize (and duplicate) great experiences.

Visit the Invoca Exchange to learn more about all of our customer experience enhancing integrations.

Personalize Customer Touchpoints with Conversation Data

If you make sales over the phone, you need conversation data to properly personalize customer experiences. Through technology like Invoca Signal AI, you can automatically detect the outcome of phone calls and enrich your customer profiles with their purchase history and other information. Using integrations with CDP platforms like Tealium AudienceStream you can unify online customer data and Invoca offline call data to enhance and personalize the customer experience. This data can also be flowed into CRMs like Salesforce to complete your customer profiles. 

With this data in hand (and more importantly, across your tech stack) you can personalize website copy and experiences, perfect ad suppression and retargeting, and assure that every customer’s experience matches how they have interacted with your company both online and offline. 

Spot Emerging Trends and Market Insights

It is difficult to spot a customer trend when you don’t know what to look for. No kidding, right? Despite the fact that many B2C companies drive most of their sales over the phone, more than 56% of marketers have no idea what’s said during the calls that they drive. “Conversations are overflowing with insights that don’t always see the light of day outside the contact center. As a result, many companies are missing out on opportunities to create a more consistent and positive customer experience across human and digital touchpoints,” said Dan Miller, lead analyst and founder at Opus Research.

This is where Invoca Signal Discovery comes in. Using unsupervised machine learning, Signal Discovery automatically groups conversations into topics based on similarities in speech patterns, so you can quickly gain new insights from tens of thousands of conversations and take action on them in real time. See how it works in this video.

It shows you real conversation topics with your customers in a full-color map, eliminating guesswork and assumptions about caller behavior by providing you with hard data. “Signal Discovery shines a whole new light on conversations happening in our contact center, giving us the data we need to enact changes across the organization”, said Noah Brooks, Manager of Digital Engagement and Analytics, University Hospitals.

The real beauty of Signal Discovery is that it not only validates what you may think you know about caller behavior, but it also uncovers caller behaviors that you may not know exist. Pretty magical, right? 

Get a free demo to learn more about how Invoca Conversation Intelligence can help you create the perfect digital customer experience.

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