How to Implement Call Tracking and Analytics and Get Fast Results

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How to Implement Call Tracking and Analytics and Get Fast Results

Today’s omnichannel customer journey expands across both online and offline experiences. It can be difficult for marketers to narrow down which channels are driving conversions. Things get even more challenging when marketers don’t have a way to connect their offline and online customer data. By using call tracking and analytics to connect inbound phone calls to digital data, marketers get relevant and actionable insights that ultimately drive higher conversion rates.

We all know that adopting a new technology platform can be a daunting task. Many of us are inclined to put it off just to avoid the process and the risk, no matter what the benefits might be. But, with the right solution and implementation team, the process will go smoothly and results can be seen quickly. And, because of its immediate impact on conversion rates and revenue, implementing call tracking and analytics can be one of the biggest wins of your career.  

We’re going to walk through what it looks like to implement Invoca’s call tracking and analytics platform — from scoping out the project to getting results.

Who Should be Involved?

Every implementation looks a little different, but there are a few different distinct roles. One team member can take on more than one of these roles, but in every implementation, all three functions are present.

Executive sponsor: has visibility into long-term projects and budgets and can solve for internal issues.
Project manager: attends project check-ins, and coordinates all the moving pieces with the team.
Platform users: learn how to make the most of the platform for their job and for their team.

What Does the Process Look Like from Start to Finish?

There are many implementation milestones you and your team can celebrate when onboarding with Invoca. As tasks are often split up between teams and stakeholders, open communication and collaboration will help you achieve success.

Getting started: Invoca and your team will meet to align on your specific goals and onboarding needs.
Becoming an Invoca expert: getting you up to speed quickly is our priority. In this stage, your team is given an in-depth platform overview and users are given helpful resources.
Integrating call data into your existing MarTech stack: capture Invoca data and push it into the MarTech platforms that are most important to you. Invoca connects call data to Adobe Experience Cloud, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Google Analytics, social media channels, and other platforms you already use on a daily basis. This assures you’re not adding yet another dashboard, but making the ones you already use better.
Continuous partnership and support: after implementation is complete, Invoca’s team continues to be a strategic and tactical partner. From sharing best practices, success stories, and new ways to drive better results — we’re there to make sure your team achieves its goals.

Tracking and Achieving Results

Are you up and running on Invoca and ready to get results? First, congratulations! Second, make sure you keep track of early and ongoing results. When most marketers use a call tracking and analytics platform for the first time, they see incredible jumps in conversion rates and revenue.

Here are just a few examples of companies that saw significant results after implementing Invoca.

DISH Network Increased a 5% Conversion Rate to Over 60%

DISH Network uses Invoca to provide a better phone call experience to customers, ultimately boosting conversion rates.

“What we can do to help make sure we give customers a good experience, and at the same time acquire the greatest number of customers, is drive them to our call center where we can have a human interaction,” said Russell Bangert, director of digital marketing at DISH Network.

“With Invoca, we’ve transformed an online conversion experience with a throughput of less than 5% into a phone call that closes in the high 60% range.”

University Hospitals Increased Scheduled Appointments by 580%

University Hospitals uses Invoca to increase appointment scheduling rates and get more insight into marketing spend effectiveness.

“Implementing Invoca at University Hospitals was one of the biggest wins of our department, and it gave us the data needed to significantly improve performance,” said Matthew Eaves, vice president of digital marketing and University Hospitals.

“Invoca has really changed our marketing group. Instead of being order-takers, we can now develop our strategy and proactively look forward,” said Noah Brooks, manager of analytics and strategy at University Hospitals.

Progrexion Increased Sales and Signups by 40%

Progrexion uses Invoca call tracking and Adobe Experience Cloud to provide quick access to their services, boosting sales and reducing cost per acquisition.

“Invoca and Adobe allow us to derive insights from customer touchpoints that happen over the phone and turn them into actionable data that can be integrated with our online analytics platform,” said LJ Jones, director of optimization at Progrexion.

“Invoca bridges the gap between online and offline journeys, optimizing our marketing efforts while improving the customer experience.” Progrexion has increased sales and signups 40% since implementing Invoca and integrating call data into Adobe Experience Cloud.

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