How Starkey Hearing Technologies Uses AI To Understand the Complete Customer Journey

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How Starkey Hearing Technologies Uses AI To Understand the Complete Customer Journey

Starkey Hearing Technologies is leading the hearing aid industry in the strategic use of AI. Last year, the company shook the market by releasing Livio AI, the first AI-powered hearing aid. The device uses Hearing Reality™, which Starkey describes as “the ear’s version of virtual reality.” Livio AI gives users access to data never before available in a hearing aid, like language translation and health tracking. In parallel to the release of this groundbreaking technology, Starkey’s marketing team is also using AI to better reach customers.

Source: Starkey

At Starkey, connecting to customers comes with a unique challenge. On average, it takes four and a half years for someone to make an appointment for a professional hearing evaluation after hearing loss is noticed. A single bad experience can drive someone away, which negatively affects both the shopper and Starkey. Because of this, the hearing technology company is focused on providing great experiences at every touchpoint on the purchase path.

A critical moment on the purchase path for Starkey’s customers is the phone call. Early in the customer journey, people will research different hearing aid products online and start putting together their options. But, when it comes time to make the purchase, customers dial the phone and want to discuss their options in detail. Hearing aids are a complex purchase, with a high price point and a potential big positive impact on a person’s quality of life. Shoppers call Starkey to get extra assurance they are making the best decision.

Starkey realized that it needed the same insight into calls as it did into digital channels. After investing in AI-powered call tracking and analytics, Starkey was able to collect and analyze call data. This gave the company a full view into what happened when a customer got on the phone.

Starkey uses Invoca Signal AI to classify calls in real-time into categories customized for its business. The company is able to see which calls were appointments set, cancellations, or poor customer experiences. The company is able to focus in on calls that resulted in appointments, and implement learnings into marketing strategies. It is now able to reach customers sooner and provide improved customer experiences through personalization.

Driving marketing efforts with call data is proving real results for Starkey. Cost per appointment and prospect have decreased, and revenue is increasing. As Starkey continuously optimizes its efforts, ROI for marketing dollars spent is increasing. Having access to the complete customer journey up-leveled Starkey’s ability to reach people sooner and provide them with life-changing products.

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