How Digital Marketing Agency D2M Uses Call Analytics to Increase Conversion Rates

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How Digital Marketing Agency D2M Uses Call Analytics to Increase Conversion Rates

Direct2Market Digital Media Solutions (D2M) is a digital marketing agency that provides clients with revenue-generating and call monetization opportunities. D2M values honesty and transparency in the relationship between advertisers and publishers. To accomplish this, D2M uses Invoca call tracking and analytics to provide accurate, real-time call data to all of its clients. 

Call conversion data can’t just come out of a black box, you have to be able to show why it happened.

-  Zach Bradley, COO and Partner of D2M

Having been in the pay-per-call business for 10+ years, D2M was very familiar with call tracking and analytics platforms. “When you invest in a call tracking platform, that platform becomes the lifeblood of your business. If it isn’t efficient, or if it’s confusing for your customers, it will almost certainly hamper your growth.” 

The agency had used other call tracking solutions prior to Invoca, but ultimately hit a wall in what it was able to deliver to clients. With the platform D2M was using just before investing in Invoca, getting call data to partners involved exporting spreadsheets, creating pivot tables, and spending hours sorting through all the data. This process was not scalable, efficient, or cost-effective. D2M needed transparent reporting that was easy to use for both them and their advertiser and publisher clients.

D2M implemented Invoca’s call tracking and analytics and immediately felt relief from its biggest pain points. “While we could find most of the same data in other platforms, with Invoca it’s super simple. When [users] log into the platform, they get all the information they need so they can leave feeling confident that the best decisions were made without having to deal with a bunch of spreadsheets. In Invoca, it’s all point and click—it’s all right there.”

Upon switching to Invoca, we immediately saw a jump in both our conversion rates, EPC, and RPC, and since then, have used Invoca’s reporting to further optimize our campaigns and grow.

Now D2M is using Invoca to optimize every campaign it runs. Along with conversion rates that nearly doubled across their network, D2M also saw better call routing efficiency and better visibility into campaign issues. Seeing the reason a call drops or isn’t paid out (off-hours, wrong geo, etc.), allows them to see where they need coverage, and provide more information to buyers and publishers on what is needed from each party to resolve issues. “Invoca helps us give our partners the information they need to keep working with us, which is something you don’t often see on call tracking platforms.”

If you want to be known as a reliable agency, if you want to be known as the best, you have to use the best tools, and that’s why we chose Invoca. Just like when you want a great steak you go to Ruth’s Chris, not Applebee’s.

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