How a Leading Law Firm Uses Invoca to Get Full Visibility of the Customer Journey

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How a Leading Law Firm Uses Invoca to Get Full Visibility of the Customer Journey

You have likely seen phone numbers for personal injury law firms everywhere from the internet to the the interstate. Weitz & Luxenberg, a leading law firm that assists people injured by asbestos exposure, defective drugs, and medical devices as well as environmental issues, has their hands in the pot of virtually every known advertising channel. Their breadth of advertising makes it challenging to track the customer journey, especially when potential clients call.

The Attribution Issue

From television to radio to direct mail to digital, Weitz & Luxenberg does it all. They track conversion data from PPC, Facebook ads, content, and online form submissions to optimize their advertising. “The problem is, this all falls apart when someone picks up the phone,” said Bill Denninger, Director of Business Operations. And this is a big issue, because about one-third of their clients find them on the internet, and 69 percent of potential clients get in touch with them on the phone.

When a potential client fills out a form on one of their landing pages and ends up retaining the firm to represent them, Weitz & Luxenberg gets all the data they need to attribute that new client to every digital touchpoint. However, when they call instead, the trail goes cold. “I went to the managing partner to talk about what channels were performing best, what was outperforming, we looked at each other and just had no idea. I waved to the hot dog vendor on the corner, and said ‘That guy knows more about his business than we do about ours.' That’s how little we knew when it came to calls,” said Denninger.

They were using tracking phone numbers for web, Facebook, TV, and billboards, but all that gave them was how many phone calls any one of them generated. “With unique 800 numbers, all you know is how many calls were generated, and maybe the duration, but you can’t tell directly what client came from which marketing dollar spent.”

Closing the Attribution Loop with Invoca Call Tracking & Analytics

Weitz & Luxenberg began using Invoca along with a lead collection product called Shuttle, giving them the ability to attribute marketing dollars spent to retained cases, allowing them to follow clients through the whole funnel and optimize all of their marketing spend. What was once a huge gray area became a 1:1 relationship between marketing dollars spent and clients retained. And that’s not just attribution for digital. Weitz & Luxenberg advertises through the internet, television, radio, magazines—virtually any media type you can imagine. According to Denninger, “No matter where our ad is, with Invoca we get the attribution. It’s no longer a gut-check—now I have the proof, I know whether or not the ad buy is working and if it’s making the right people people call.”


Gaining a 360-Degree View of the Customer Journey

Weitz & Luxenberg spends millions of dollars a year on advertising in dozens of locations, so the ability to dissect, understand, and accumulate data is critical to making intelligent marketing decisions. “The biggest advantage that we have gained is granularity in attribution, because we can give our marketing team the information they need to know where to fish. And it’s not just which lake, but exactly what spot in the lake nets them the most fish, and the right fish, with the least amount of effort and spend.”

Read the full case study here to get the whole story.

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