Getting Started With Conversation Intelligence is Easier Than You Think

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Getting Started With Conversation Intelligence is Easier Than You Think

When you start talking about implementing conversation intelligence software, you’ll feel like a nerdy kid in a data candy store. Empowered by the thought that you can do anything with all that sweet, sweet conversation data you feel like Charlie with the proverbial Golden Ticket. Better than candy, you imagine marketing attribution transparency, paid media optimization, transparent customer experiences, and compliant call centers humming with conversions, resulting in your accelerated revenue happily ever after. 

Movie metaphors aside, ensuring that your conversation intelligence aspirations become a reality is an important one. Launching new martech can be simple if you have what you need to succeed: the right people and the right plan in place to see it from implementation to ROI. 

The actionable clarity that conversation data delivers is the springboard to real business transformation. So let’s take a look at how our proven approach to implementing Invoca ensures your success.

The Right People

On day one you will be introduced to Invoca’s onboarding team whose north star is to help you succeed. Whether you’re brand new to conversation intelligence or migrating from another provider, they are experts in guiding new customers through the onboarding process each step of the way. 

To begin, you'll be assigned an Invoca project manager who will provide timelines and detailed instructions about how Invoca will support you during the entire process. Next, your project manager will advise on how you should assemble your internal team so that you can get Invoca up and running as quickly as possible. 

Depending on the size of your business, most customer teams consist of 2-4 people who are able to identify outcome objectives up front so that the Invoca team can put together your success plan (more on that below). 

After the kickoff call, your onboarding specialist will guide you through live training sessions, customized to your specific business goals. Have a question that can’t wait until your next scheduled training session? No sweat. You’ll have direct access to your onboarding specialist and typical response time is the same day. 

You’ll have unlimited access to our Knowledge Base and Developer’s Portal. You can get a taste of how friendly and helpful our Knowledge Base content is by checking out the first article in our Getting Started series

Finally, you have a team dedicated to your success throughout your first year with Invoca, working to help you meet and surpass the goals you set with your onboarding team. 

The Right Plan

Before the actual platform implementation begins, the Invoca and customer teams meet to begin creating the Success Plan, which has four components:

  1. Set clear objectives for each Invoca use case 
  2. Establish a baseline for performance
  3. Activate Invoca and track changes to performance
  4. Continue to track or set up new tests as required

With the people and plan in place it’s time to get Invoca live, start tracking calls and see the data flowing. There are three phases to your rollout: Measure, Attribute, and Amplify. 

Measure: Connect Digital Journeys to Phone Calls

The first step to success is to begin tracking calls so that your conversation intelligence starts flowing. In fact, this is the only step that’s required. By placing the Invoca tag on your website(s), you can automatically detect all existing phone numbers and then decide which ones you’ll want to track using Invoca’s dynamic trackable numbers. 

It’s easier than you think: the tag can typically be deployed through your current tag management system in less than 15 minutes. Everything else is done via a setup wizard in the Invoca platform. Your Invoca project manager will guide you through this process. This is the first stop on that sweet tour and most customers are tracking calls within the first 1-2 weeks. 

It’s a straightforward step with extraordinary benefits: you can now start stitching together digital analytics and inbound calls. This is possible because Invoca captures not only call and caller data with each tracked call, but also marketing data like the channel, keyword and calling page. 

With call tracking active, your marketing team can immediately begin to understand which channels are driving phone calls. That means you eliminate the blind spot that happens when a digital journey switches to a phone call. It’s the illumination of that holistic view of the buyer journey that allows sales and marketing teams to be exponentially more successful.

Attribute: Activate Your Conversation Intelligence

In parallel with getting call tracking up and running on your website and landing pages, your Invoca project manager will assist in getting your full marketing stack configured to receive your newly-mined call and conversion data. 

Based on our depth of experience, this is the recommended next step so that you can begin measuring results laid out in your success plan. Remember, the Invoca team will work with you to establish your pre-Invoca data baseline so that you can begin to see your post-Invoca results and begin measuring ROI. Your project manager will assist you in connecting Invoca to your desired integrations and completing your customized configuration, which usually takes only a few hours. 

Whether you manage platforms like Google Ads, Facebook, and Microsoft Ads yourself or through an agency, your Invoca project manager will work with the right team members on setup, reporting, and establishing measurable KPIs for optimization. Then you can identify which keywords and campaigns are driving the highest value calls and conversions — yum! 

Once we’ve helped you unveil which marketing efforts are truly sweet, your team is armed with the information they need to make better data-driven decisions. Watch those key KPIs improve as you optimize your campaigns, refine your ads, and invest more efficiently. 

Armed with the Invoca dashboards, you can brag like Wonka himself as you internally share improvement across metrics that are critical to your company. During the implementation phase, we’ll also help you set up customized dashboards and reports that hone in on the data that is relevant to each team member’s role. 

Amplify: Conversation Intelligence Unleashed

Once you’re able to track your calls and use that data to measure your incremental success, you can begin to amplify it by expanding the teams that can benefit from conversation intelligence. So far, we’ve really focused on the marketing solution, but Invoca also has solutions for eCommerce, customer experience (CX) and contact centers that extend the revenue-accelerating impact of conversation intelligence across all aspects of customer acquisition.

When Sales and Marketing teams share the same data and have the same level of transparency across the buying experience, it can revolutionize the ways they work and succeed together. Here are just a few examples:

As you begin to imagine your own path to success with conversation intelligence, remember that you don’t have to have all the answers before you begin, and that you’re not on your own! Our proven onboarding process and unmatched customer success team are here to help you get your golden ticket to accelerated revenue in a jiffy.

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