Four Ways To Drive Revenue With Signal AI

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Four Ways To Drive Revenue With Signal AI

If you’re in marketing, you know that artificial intelligence is everywhere. Nearly every technology company is launching some AI application to make sure they don’t miss the bandwagon. And while it’s exciting to see this emerging technology being utilized across industries, this influx of ‘AI’ doesn’t make it easy to decipher the helpful from the hype.

Here at Invoca, our team is dedicated to making innovative technology that helps marketers utilize valuable call data to optimize the customer journey and ultimately drive revenue. Forget the buzzwords, let's dive into how Invoca's Signal AI works, and why this matters to you.

In short, AI helps you drive more revenue. And who doesn’t want that? But the question is how. It all boils down to helping marketers understand exactly what is happening on a phone conversation, and utilizing that information in real-time to optimize paid search spend, reach new high-potential buyer audiences, and allocate resources towards programs that drive revenue.

Let’s examine four concrete ways that Signal AI helps marketers turn the insightful into the impactful:

Marketing challenge: Traditionally, marketers’ visibility into true call conversion data has been murky at best. Without accurate call data, marketers are often forced to rely on conversion proxies, such as assuming a five minute call resulted in a conversion. And we all know what happens when you assume.
Solved with AI: Signal AI allows marketers to know exactly what happened on a phone call. Using machine learning models trained on millions of calls, individual calls are automatically analyzed in real time, at scale. Marketers receive automated, accurate insights into what actually happened on the call so they can optimize using true data, not assumptions.

Marketing challenge: Marketers have to wait days, weeks, even months to get conversion data. Without timely conversion results, marketers risk putting good money after bad since they are unsure of what results their spend is actually driving. Paid search is ruthlessly competitive and lost time equals lost revenue.
Solved with AI: With Signal AI, marketers can identify the actual outcome of the call in real time and immediately push that conversion data in Google Ads. This allows marketers to adjust bidding to optimize for keywords driving calls that actually convert, and stop wasting spend on those that don’t.

Marketing challenge: Spending money on display ads for the wrong audience. Just like the paid search problem above, marketers have historically been forced to use assumptions to inform the next best action in the customer journey, such as a display ad for complimentary service or an email with relevant product information. But just like the problem above, garbage in equals garbage out.
Solved with AI: Use conversion Signal AI data to suppress completely or show more relevant retargeting ads. When marketers know what happened and the outcome of a call, they can make informed decisions rather than semi-educated guesses. Better retargeting or suppression leads to a better customer experience and increased overall revenue.

Marketing challenge: Keyword spotting gives call data, but its static nature makes it difficult & timely to manage. Marketers are forced to spend valuable time listening to thousands of phone calls to continually identify and maintain accurate keyword lists.
Solution with AI: While keyword spotting can be useful to ensure that call center agents are following a strict script, it stops short of providing context of the conversation. Keyword spotting is a useful tool for marketers who truly understand their prospect’s buying signals, but requires serious time commitment to establish and maintain these phrases as buyers’ tastes continually evolve. Signal AI actually understands the conversation and digitizes the conversation data so marketers can push those relevant data points into AdWords, Salesforce, Adobe, or any other relevant marketing tools to continually optimize your customer journey.

Interested in learning more? We’d love to show you can grow your business with the power of Signal AI. Request a personalized demo.

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