What Is The Role Of Phone Calls In The Customer Journey?

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What Is The Role Of Phone Calls In The Customer Journey?

We have a message for all the marketers out there -- consumers are calling.  Today's consumers appreciate your efforts to connect across a number of digital channels, but all that good will crumbles if you're not thinking about how phone calls fit in the larger customer journey.

As marketers, we know a lot of consumers rely on their phones as their primary device for interacting with businesses. Generally, when we think of mobile we think of channels like paid search, social, email, and apps. But what about the phone call? With the convenience of mobile click-to-call, consumers are making calls from mobile ads, landing pages and apps more than ever. BIA/Kelsey predicts phone calls will drive more than $1 trillion in commerce conducted over the phone each year.

It's time to capitalize on calls as a critical ingredient of the omnichannel experience. Our latest whitepaper, Call Intelligence and the Customer Journey, dives into the crucial role phone calls have in the omnichannel world and teaches marketers how to maximize the value of phone calls as part of the overall customer journey.

Check out some of the report highlights below:

Get Actionable Data on Who’s Calling Your Business

Each incoming phone call is a treasure trove of information you can use to improve existing outreach campaigns and build new ones. Call intelligence tools help marketers glean valuable data on what drives phone calls, who is calling, and even what is said during a call. This valuable data can be plugged into any of the marketing technologies you are already using like Adobe or Salesforce, so you can build a complete view of the customer journey.

Mining caller data for its golden nuggets ensures the marketing campaigns you create reflect who your customers really are and what they care about. If you're not taking advantage of the wealth of data calls can give you that clicks simply can't, you're leaving money on the table.

Design a Unique and Personalized Call Experience

Customers enjoy having the option of making a phone call instead of being forced into a single point of entry when doing business a company. Of course, they also value their time and want the smoothest call experience possible, so don’t let them down.

The key to a superior personalized call experience lies in understanding -- and exceeding -- customer expectation. Use real-time call automation tools to qualify callers and route them to the right agents for their needs. Likewise, pre-transfer data tools can provide details on callers before the agent answers the phone to set the stage for a great customer experience right out of the gate.

Design a Comprehensive Plan for the Entire Customer Journey

While phone calls are a big part of the customer journey, they aren’t the only part. Once you understand who’s calling your business and create a personalized experience for each caller, there’s still one step left -- you have to tie it all together with the rest of your marketing tools.

Integrating call intelligence data into the rest of your marketing systems helps you uniformly optimize the entire customer journey. Use it to bolster search advertising strategies and retargeting methods or to strengthen social and email outreach. There’s really no limit to the myriad of creative ways call intelligence helps enhance every touchpoint of the customer journey and close the sale.

Call Intelligence and the Customer Journey

In an omnichannel world, marketers can’t afford to ignore the phone calls driven by digital marketing. With call intelligence, calls are integrated right into the omnichannel customer journey and, ultimately, your overall brand experience. If you want to learn more, and see call intelligence in action with the Vivint case study, download the whitepaper, Call Intelligence and the Customer Journey.

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