How Healthcare Providers Improve Patient Experiences with PreSense

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How Healthcare Providers Improve Patient Experiences with PreSense

The patient experience is a critical differentiator for healthcare providers. If you give patients a seamless end-to-end journey, they’ll be far more likely to choose you as their preferred provider. If you waste their time or make them jump through hoops, they’ll seek out a healthcare provider who makes them feel valued.

Despite the importance of providing great experiences, a whopping 60% of Americans have had a negative healthcare experience in the past year. The bar is low — if your organization can raise it, you’ll supercharge patient acquisition and gain a distinct advantage over the competition.

Contrary to popular belief, the healthcare experience doesn’t start when a patient visits one of your locations. They are already forming impressions of your organization when they visit your website or call to make an appointment. While most patients research healthcare providers online, they typically convert by calling — according to research, 76% of patients will call at some point during their journey. Patients prefer to call because they often need to give out sensitive personal information, ask scheduling questions, get details about procedures, and more.

If you’re not optimizing the phone call experience, you could be eroding trust with patients before they even walk through your door. Issues like long hold times, multiple transfers, and a lack of personalization can cause significant churn. 

In this post, we’ll share how leading healthcare providers use Invoca PreSense to create seamless patient experiences. Keep reading to learn how the solution can help your practice drive more new appointments and build lasting patient loyalty.

Personalize Call Routing Based on Digital Journeys

Having your call improperly routed when seeking care is nothing short of headache-inducing. You have to wait on hold as you endure multiple transfers, repeating yourself multiple times to multiple agents. This kind of experience can turn off potential new patients — after all, if a provider can’t even handle something as simple as routing a phone call, how can you trust them to treat a complex medical issue?

Ensuring phone leads are routed to the best location and agent is paramount to building trust with your patients. It shows that you value them and are committed to making their experience with you as seamless as possible. This can pay dividends, as patients will be more likely to choose you as their provider and to remain loyal in the long run.

However, seamlessly routing patient calls is easier said than done, especially if your healthcare organization has multiple locations or contact centers. This is where solutions like Invoca come in. By using data from the digital journey that precedes calls, Invoca can automatically route callers to the agent, specialist, or location best equipped to handle their inquiries. For example, if a patient called from one of your “urgent care” paid search ads, you could automatically route them to an appointment scheduler at their nearest urgent care clinic.

This level of personalized call routing not only enhances the patient experience by providing timely and relevant assistance, but also increases the likelihood of conversion by ensuring that every interaction is handled with expertise and care. When you use intelligent call routing, you can delight patients with personalization and earn their lasting loyalty.  

Give Agents the Pre-Call Preparation They Need to Increase Appointment Bookings

According to our research, 47% of people expect a high level of personalization when they call a business or healthcare provider. They expect you to know who they are and what they want without having to tell you again, and again, and again.

Invoca PreSense allows healthcare organizations to deliver on these expectations. The solution gives agents the pre-call preparation they need to greet callers like VIPs from the moment they say hello. It works by providing agents with real-time insights about why patients are calling right in their screen pops, they can deliver seamless, personalized experiences that drive appointment bookings and build loyalty.

Just imagine the difference between hearing “How can I help you, what’s your name” and “Hi Marie, can I help you book an appointment today?” when you call your primary care physician’s office. This level of personalization can eliminate lengthy exchanges that irritate patients, take up valuable agent time, and drive up costs. And it could be the difference between a patient who leaves happy and one who leaves you a one-star review.

Watch this short video to learn more about how PreSense works:

Success Story: How University Hospitals Uses Intelligent Call Routing to Increase Appointments

University Hospitals, based in Cleveland, Ohio, is one of the leading healthcare providers in the United States. It uses a central call center to answer calls. Since patient data is distributed across their 200 locations, the call center isn’t able to schedule appointments for every location. Instead, they often rerouted the caller from the call center to their desired specialist’s office. This created more transfers, longer hold times, and an unsatisfactory experience for callers.

Invoca enabled University Hospitals to fix this issue and create a more cohesive call experience. With Invoca, the team can swap out the generic call center phone number from each email campaign with the phone number for the provider the patient most recently visited. So, rather than going to a call center handling hundreds of thousands of calls, the patient is immediately directed to their preferred provider. This has allowed patients to schedule appointments more quickly, cutting their total call duration by 50% and increasing conversion rates by an impressive 300%.

“Personalizing the call routing experience with Invoca has allowed us to dramatically improve the patient experience. This has paid dividends for our conversion rate,” said Noah Brooks, Manager of Digital Engagement and Analytics at University Hospital.

Learn More About HIPAA Compliant Call Tracking 

While most call tracking and conversation intelligence platforms are HIPAA compliant, some achieve that with some caveats. Namely, they require that you turn off features like phrase spotting, call recording, and AI-powered speech analytics, which enable you to automatically analyze and classify calls.

Invoca’s conversation intelligence platform provides HIPAA, GDPR, and CCPA compliance without the compromises. Invoca can record and transcribe inbound calls in a secure and privacy-friendly way to enable marketers to uncover new sources of customer data and insight. With improved visibility into these important customer interactions, healthcare marketers can drive cost savings from their media spend and deliver improved customer experiences, while ensuring compliance on 100% of their calls.

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