Video: How to Use Call Tracking to Unify Online and Offline Customer Data

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Video: How to Use Call Tracking to Unify Online and Offline Customer Data

How does Invoca’s call tracking and analytics software work? In this video series, we make it easy to understand how Invoca tracks, unifies, and analyzes valuable call data so you can put it to work in the platforms that matter most to your business. Each week we’ll share a new video here, or, if you’re more of the binge-watching type, you can watch them all here.

This week, we’ll show you how Invoca enables marketers to unify digital customer journey data to data from phone calls to create a single and comprehensive customer profile. By using online data collection and trackable phone numbers, marketers can attribute digital campaigns to actions taken on inbound calls. With this information being connected in the Invoca platform, you can analyze digital and call data in one place and get a complete view of your customers.

See how it’s done with the Invoca call tracking platform:

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