Unbounce's Georgiana Laudi On Landing Pages That Get Results

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Unbounce's Georgiana Laudi On Landing Pages That Get Results

I always enjoy connecting with marketers for our Open Mic column, and Georgiana Laudi, VP of Marketing at Unbounce, was no exception! She shared some great perspective and tips on what it takes to create targeted landing pages that drive business results. In today’s world, there’s a lot of competition for buyers’ attention, so we at Invoca agree that getting this part of the customer experience right is critical. Read on to learn more from Georgiana… and even discover what red hot band plays her favorite ring tone.

Q1: What is the role of landing pages in creating a better customer experience?

A. The main reason that landing pages create a better customer experience is because they’re focused on a single objective that matches the intent of the marketing promotion or ad that your visitors clicked on to reach your page.

If you think of sending traffic to your website, or worse, your homepage, you can imagine that it’s designed with a more general purpose in mind. It speaks more to your overall brand and company values and is typically loaded with links and navigation to other areas of your site. Landing pages give you the opportunity to provide a dedicated experience with Message Match, which uses the same messaging as what they clicked which reassures people they’ve come to the right place. Even internal pages on your website are still littered with other things to do, which only serve as distractions for your visitors. Your Attention Ratio should always be 1:1, because every campaign has one goal, every corresponding landing page should have only one call to action – one place to click.

Not only are you creating a better customer experience, but you’re dramatically increasing conversions too.

Q2: What are some of the most surprising insights that marketers can learn from A/B testing landing pages?

A. So many A/B test have surprising results... Often a test will go the opposite direction than expected, or you’ll get bragging rights over a colleague (ideally with an accompanying wager!) or the best, you can finally prove your point to your boss with test results to back you up. Things like simple images outperforming fancy videos or using popular scarcity tactics that totally kill your conversion rate happen all the time. Every business, every page and every audience is different, that’s why it’s so important to Always Be Testing. For fun though, here are 5 tests, run by the pros, that had some completely unexpected results.

Q3: What are some best practices for driving mobile audiences to convert?

A. Considering a visitor’s mindset for each device is hugely important. Are your customers likely to make a buying decision from their mobile? If not, how might you help them along their journey to becoming your customer? At Unbounce, we know that most business purchasing decisions are still largely made via desktop, but many of our visitors are researching our software and a huge percentage are reading our marketing content on a variety of devices. Catering to mobile visitor’s intent and needs is invaluable for us.

It’s important to know your customers well, what makes them tick, what problems can you solve for them depending on their device, and their environment. It’s often a completely dedicated experience you should be providing them, nothing at all like your desktop site. Maybe it’s directions to your location or a big bold click-to-call button that would tip the scales for your conversion rates. A/B testing your mobile landing pages is a great way to find out.

Q4:It's always great to see examples of innovative and effective landing pages. What are some of your favorites?

A. I couldn’t possibly do a better job than Brad Tiller does in this post, The Weird and Wonderful Ways You Never Thought to Use Landing Pages, proving that the use of landing pages spans far beyond lead gen or click-through. Plus there’s always our infamous landing page examples posts, like this 26 beautiful landing page examples and this 36 creative landing page examples both with A/B testing ideas for each page. Check out an example of a creative landing page below:


Q5: What advice do you have for young people who are starting out in marketing?

A: Focus on providing value first and foremost. No matter what it is you’re producing, zero in on your target customer’s needs and deliver it to them how they need it. Content marketing is a great way to provide value upfront, establish credibility and become an indispensable resource. Early on I was too focused on quick wins to prove the value in what I was doing, I wish I’d spent more time worrying about building amazing customer experiences over the long run.

Q6: What model was your first cell phone? When did you get it? What was your ring tone?

A: Haha my first was definitely a Nokia but I’ll never remember the model (it was over 15 years ago!). I distinctly remember my favorite ringtone though, it was the main riff from Can’t Stop by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, how awesome is that?

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