7 Awesome Examples of Landing Pages that Drive Click-to-Call

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7 Awesome Examples of Landing Pages that Drive Click-to-Call

We love when we see businesses include a click-to-call button or phone number on their landing page. That one element shows they’re thinking about their customers. They're telling prospects, "you're a person, not just a lead." They are putting the power in their prospects hands to engage how they want.

Providing the option to call isn't just nice for your prospects and customers. It benefits you too. You'll drive more high-quality conversions that turn into sales. In fact, 34% of people say they will only search a minute or less on a company's website before moving on to another company.

So we’d like to applaud those businesses and show you some of our favorite landing pages using either click-to-call buttons or great call CTAs.

1. Vivint Smart Home (Desktop)

click to call options on vivint smart home website

We have always loved Vivint’s clean design, and this desktop landing page is a perfect example of why we love it so much. Above the fold, they prominently display their phone number twice—once in the header and then as the main CTA on the hero image. Then below the phone numbers and the hero image, a form is nicely tucked away, and the phone number is displayed above the form as well. Clearly, Vivint is showing they value phone calls over form submissions. They know that people who are shopping for smart home solutions tend to want to talk to a live representative before making a purchase.

2. Vivint Smart Home (Mobile)

Click to call example on a mobile website

If you choose to visit Vivint on your smartphone, there are three click-to-call options available: one in the main menu (the phone icon in the upper right), the big call button in the middle of the screen, and a popup banner on the bottom that displays an offer, "click to call" text, and an online chat option. If you scroll further down, a form is also available. Vivint understands that it’s easier for their mobile customers to click to call rather than fill out a mobile form, and they do a great job of making it easy to connect with them over the phone.

3. Frontier Communications (Mobile)

The call-driven experience starts in the mobile search results for Frontier Communications with a call-only ad search result and another paid search ad with a click-to-call button. This is a great way to serve people who are searching on their mobile devices because it makes it easy to call before they even hit the website.

And after clicking through the search ad, you get a mobile call-friendly landing page with two different click-to-call options and a value-driven offer. This makes it easy for a mobile customer who might not have internet service at home (think if you just moved to a new area and were searching for internet service) to call and get a new package set up.

4. 3 Day Blinds (Desktop)


Even though 3 Da3y Blinds doesn’t make a huge deal about the phone numbers on their landing page, we like that they give their customers a few options. In the header, they provide an appointment number and a service number, so even before you dial, you know you’re going to be talking to the right person. And the CTA on top of the form still encourages customers to call: “Please provide the following information or call 877-238-0795.” 3 Day Blinds understands the power of giving customers the choice to interact with their brand however they prefer.

5. LendingTree (Desktop)

There are only two things in LendingTree’s Header: their logo and their phone number. What’s great about the phone number is that it’s even more prominent than the logo and it is on every page as you go through the inquiry process. If you’re going to put your phone number on a landing page, make it bold.

6. Empire Today (Mobile)

Even though you can’t get their phone number out of your head thanks to their jingle, they still include their phone number on their landing pages. And since Empire’s phone number is such a huge part of their branding, it’s even incorporated into their logo at the top of the page. But since you can’t click that phone number, they give you a nice click to call button just below the CTA. But again, you can just sing their jingle to remember the number: Eight-hundred five-eight-eight two-three-hundred EMPIRE today!

Empire today mobile landing page click to call

7. Southwest (Desktop)

Say what you will about Southwest Airlines, but they make it very easy for their customers to contact them over the phone. The first option given on this landing page is “Call Us” and then their phone number is listed below. But if you want a more specific phone number, you can click on “more contact numbers” and choose from 10+ phone numbers to make sure you’re connected with the right person.

Think About the Call When Designing Landing Pages

When we think about landing pages, we usually picture an online form. And while there is still value in a completed form, there is way more value in an inbound call. So the next time you design a new landing page, make sure you include a click to call button for your mobile users or a prominent phone number for your desktop customers. They’ll appreciate it, and you may just see a better response on your landing pages.

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