How Vivint Uses Invoca To Unlock More Sales [Case Study]

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How Vivint Uses Invoca To Unlock More Sales [Case Study]

"If we could track it, we could optimize for it, but we didn’t have closed-loop metrics on calls,” said Taylor Rose, Director of Marketing Operations at Vivint Smart Home.

Vivint Smart Home, the largest smart home provider in North America, is committed to data-backed marketing. They know it's the only way to be truly omnichannel and deliver the best customer experience possible. There was just one problem -- they didn't have the data they needed on customer phone calls.

To get a complete view of the customer journey, Vivint turned to Invoca's call intelligence platform. Spoiler: this story ends with a 76% increase in new customers.

Vivint Realized Call Data was the Missing Piece

Vivint captures a ton of data about their prospects and meticulously tracks the success of their marketing efforts. They analyze channel impressions, response rates, and every aspect of the web experience including browsing path, device type, and more.  These data points are used to conduct A/B tests and optimize every step of the customer journey.

But Vivint realized they needed a way to see how their online efforts were driving phone calls, which are much more valuable than online leads. They wanted to tie phone calls, and the revenue from phone calls, back to a specific marketing channel, ad, and web experience.

Vivint Uses Invoca to Connect the Dots and Increase Conversions

Enter Invoca. Vivint turned to Invoca’s call intelligence platform to get a better view of the path to purchase. With Invoca, Vivint could see exactly what led to a phone call  -- the ad, the campaign, the landing page, and more.  One way they applied the data was to their A/B testing strategy.  They tested two pages and found one version drove significantly more calls.  It didn't generate as many online conversions, but since phone calls convert at a higher rate, it was worth it to keep the page optimized for calls.  Without Invoca, Vivint would have kept the underperforming landing page, and they would have unknowingly hurt sales.

Armed with this new offline data, Vivint was able to make powerful optimizations that resulted in more phone calls, conversions, and new customers. With Invoca, Vivint drove:

  • 33% increase in inbound calls
  • 70% lift in landing page call response rate
  • 76% increase in new customers generated by marketing

Without Invoca, Vivint would have stayed in the same position a lot of companies and marketers are in today: in the dark when it comes to the conversation their prospects and customers are having over the phone. With Invoca's call intelligence marketers have a whole new layer of data about their customers and the success of their marketing performance. If you want to see how else Vivint used Invoca to boost conversions and customers, download the full case study here.  

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