Invoca Spring 2023 Release: AI Agent Identification, New Dashboard Options, and More

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Invoca Spring 2023 Release: AI Agent Identification, New Dashboard Options, and More

Can’t stop, won’t stop. While that’s not an official mantra at Invoca it should be. We can’t stop and won’t stop making it faster, easier, more scalable, and plain old more delightful to get, share, and activate your Invoca data. Our Spring 2023 Release includes a host of new features that do just that. 

What’s more, we’ve done a major glow-up to the Invoca Community’s Latest Release page so you can easily understand what’s new and how you can get started using these new features and enhancements. You’ll even see a reminder or two about how to stay up-to-date on the latest changes with Google Ads and Analytics. 

On the Latest Release page, you’ll see links to videos, blog posts, and support posts to help you understand and adopt the newest Invoca features. We not only strive to deliver innovative, useful product updates, but we also want to make sure you can easily implement them to deliver even bigger business impacts with Invoca. 

Feature Release Spotlight: AI that Identifies the Voice of the Agent on Every Call

Phone calls are the most valuable leads for many businesses and calls drive trillions of dollars in revenue for businesses each year, but only if agents and staff can deliver the right experience to convert them. 

To identify your best performing agents, coach under-performers, and ensure compliance, you need agent-level data for each call. We’re now making this easier than ever with Agent Voice ID.  It uses AI-driven voice biometric technology to automatically identify  the agent on every call, matching them to an AI “voiceprint” model of their voice energy. Now when your agents speak on a call, Invoca recognizes their voiceprint and names them as the agent for that call. All analytics and scoring data — along with the call recording and transcript — are associated with the right agent in your Invoca platform. 

Agent Voice ID is the simple, accurate, and automated way to review agent-level data in Invoca. We’ve made it easy to onboard agents and manage the voice printing process with our new admin portal. Here’s what Taylor Wick, Director of Marketing from Rick’s Custom Fencing & Decking has to say about Agent Voice ID: 

"With Agent Voice ID, Invoca automatically identifies the specific agent on every call by analyzing their voiceprint. The technology is amazing — it's accurate and easy to use. With Invoca, our sales managers can view detailed, real-time reports on each agent's performance, quickly evaluate their strengths and weaknesses, and deliver targeted coaching to drive immediate improvements." 

Agent Voice ID bolsters Invoca’s existing automated call QA solution that includes:

  • The ability to track and score every call to get a complete and objective view into agent call handling, sales KPIs, and call quality
  • Automated, pre-built and customizable scorecards to track agent performance and script compliance
  • Call recordings and transcripts that allow commenting and coaching immediately after the call ends
  • Drag-n-drop no-code reporting allows teams to quickly tailor dashboards and reports
  • Searchable transcripts enable limitless filtering to help spot trends across all calls

You can learn more about Agent Voice ID in this blog post

Data Everywhere, All at Once

There are so many new enhancements to our dashboards and reports that the easiest way to walk through them is by jumping into the Invoca platform.

Dashboards are a great place to start on the platform since they give you a snapshot view of your data. The first enhancement you’ll see is that the main dashboard navigation on the left side of the UI has been updated. There’s a cleaner dropdown menu that includes a new "Manage Dashboards" option. Also, your five most recently accessed dashboards will be listed for easier repeat access.

Once you navigate to a specific dashboard, the "Actions" dropdown in the upper right has been updated so that you can access the most frequent actions — like adding a new dashboard tile and exporting the dashboard — with fewer clicks. You can read the details in the Knowledge Base article. 

See something you want to share on a dashboard? No problem. You now have the ability to export any dashboard as a PDF file and send it to the email on file in your Invoca platform login. From there, you can forward the PDF and share this data with anyone. You can learn more about this in the Knowledge Base article. 

Remember that dashboards are just a snapshot view of your data — for the details, you need to see a report and that is easily done by clicking on the three dots in the upper right corner of any dashboard tile and then clicking “View Report.” Boom!

Three reports are now running on Invoca's new reporting engine and delivering significantly faster results while handling millions of calls: Call by Time of Day, Calls by Day of the Week, and the Custom Summary Report. 

Once you’re viewing a report, sure, you can tell someone about the incredible insights you’ve uncovered but it's so much more impactful to show them. You now have the option to send scheduled reports to people without an Invoca platform login. The reports arrive in the recipient’s inbox as an attachment in either Excel or CSV format. Sharing insights across teams, up to leadership, or even across lines of business or divisions just got a whole lot easier. If you’re new to Invoca reports or need a refresher, start here

Updated Voices and Choices in Invoca IVRs

We want our customers to create the best possible call experiences for their customers. One of the ways we can help is by making the IVR experience as pleasant as possible. To that end, we have upgraded and expanded from one IVR voice option (U.S. English with “Julie”) with several additional voice options for English, French Canadian, and Spanish. Here are some additional details:

  • Our new voices sound more human
  • You can now choose from both male and female voices
  • There are a total of 26 voices to choose from when setting up your IVR

You can see a demo of these new IVR voices and learn more about the power of Invoca’s conversational IVR here

Call Routing Transparency

Ever wonder why a caller hung up or what their IVR path was prior to being connected to a live person? This new Call Activity feature on the Call Detail page displays the IVR path of each call from the time it’s connected. Call Activity also enables you to see transfers and whether the call was terminated by the agent or the caller hangup, even when advanced routing like ring groups and webhook routing is used. You can learn more about this Call Activity feature in the Knowledge Base. 

Streamlined Number Management

We want to make it as easy as possible to track the phone numbers you want to track and omit those you don’t. To help make that process as streamlined as possible, you now have the ability to import, export, and edit the numbers you’d like Invoca to track. You can even exclude whole groups of numbers from tracking at the URL level. With this update you can now:

  • Import Numbers in Bulk: Skip the number discovery process and import numbers with desired RingPool preferences. 
  • Export Numbers in Bulk: Export all active, discovered, and ignored numbers.
  • Edit Your Numbers: With your newly-exported numbers, you can now make the desired edits and then yep (you guessed it) re-import them.
  • Exclude Numbers at the URL level: Enter URLs in the platform for sites and/or pages that include numbers you don’t want to track through Invoca. 

All of these features make number management more streamlined, efficient, and manageable across one or many locations and websites. This post has all the details to help you enable this feature.

What’s New in Google Ads and Analytics

Google Ads integration now available for multiple accounts

We are very pleased to announce that Invoca's Google Ads (GA) integration can now be enabled at both the Network and Profile levels, which should be welcome news to our customers with more than one location or franchise. For example, now conversions can be tracked at the network level (like conversions driven from a corporate or centralized website) and also at each location or franchise for the local campaigns that they drive. Once you enable additional Google Ads accounts, the data will be visible in dashboards and reports just as it was prior to this enhancement. 

The ability to add additional Google Ads accounts will go live at the end of May. If you need a refresher on this integration, you can find it here

Sunsetting legacy attribution models

As data-driven attribution (DDA) becomes Google’s primary attribution model, they’ve announced the deprecation of four of their least-used attribution methods: first click, linear, time decay, and position-based. Here is the timeline Google published so please take a look and make sure you’re ready to make the switch to DDA:

  • May 2023: For Google Analytics 4 properties, all four models will be unavailable for any new conversion actions.
  • June 2023: For Google Ads accounts, all four models will be unavailable for any new conversion actions.
  • September 2023: Google will sunset the four attribution models in both Google Ads and Google Analytics 4

To learn more about how to use Data-driven attribution with Google Ads, check out this blog post. 

Goodbye Google Analytics Universal, Hello GA4!

As Google has widely publicized, on July 2, 2023, Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is replacing Google Universal Analytics. There are some nuances and a few ways to stay on Universal if you need to— check out the details about making the switch in Google’s Support article. 

Whew! That was a lot to cover but I hope there were at least a few standout features that you’re looking forward to trying soon. Most importantly, we want to know what you love, what you don’t, and what’s on your Invoca wish list. Let us know what’s on your mind by joining the discussion in the Invoca Community. 

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